Introducing: The A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph With Black Dial (Live Pics & Pricing)

Introducing: The A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph With Black Dial (Live Pics & Pricing)

The new 1815 chronograph dark dial resuscitates the throb look from the mid 2000s.

This watch includes exactly the same chronograph type as the Datograph, yet is 1.5mm more slender on the grounds that it doesn’t highlight the outsized date complication – it’s basically a Datograph without the date. Furthermore, that idea was made one stride further today as A. Lange & Söhne revealed a 1815 chronograph with a dark dial. 

But this isn’t only a dark dial adaptation of the current 1815, it’s a dark pulsation dial, or a change to the shop version 1815 that was presented in September of 2015 . Since watch, obviously, was motivated by the absolute initial 1815 chronograph from 2004, which had a throb dial in silver with a white gold case and a dark throb dial with the rose gold variation. This is the first run through Lange has offered a dark throb dial in a white metal case, and the combination is one that is difficult to overlook. What makes the piece much more compelling is, truth be told, the other side to the watch, which has been portrayed by our own Kevin Rose as “A little city back there .” The type is essentially terrific, and there is anything but a solitary individual that would contest the case that this chronograph is among the best at any point delivered. With this new watch, nothing has changed, you’ll actually have the superb view from behind.

The 1815 chronograph with dark dial is 39.5mm in breadth and 10.8mm thick.

But while this new dark dial chronograph unquestionably gives you Dato vibes, this dateless Datograph stays a lot of a 1815 relative. We don’t have the force hold pointer or the applied hour markers. The case is gold, not platinum, and the size stays 39.5mm rather than 41mm. It is a compelling contribution to be sure, and one that will clearly pull in the consideration of some top of the line chronograph purchasers since, indeed, how should it not? Besides, it’s more affordable than any competitive in-house watch from Patek or Vacheron ( we evaluated the Datograph versus the Harmony Chrono versus the 5170G here ). Its nearest competitor regarding looks and quality would be the currently stopped 5170G dark dial in white gold , which at retail recorded for $81,000 – or more than thirty thousand dollars more than this Lange.

I figure a much seriously fascinating comparison for this new reference would be to the first 1815 chronograph, which I likewise turned out to be wearing while at the same time seeing this watch interestingly. The watches are everything except indistinguishable actually – both 39.5mm in distance across by 10.8mm thick and both in white gold. The watch will in general sit higher on the wrist than the sub-11mm profundity may demonstrate on account of the lip that encases the sapphire caseback. It’s not too thick on the wrist, but rather it’s positively not smooth by the same token. Normally, it is more slender than the Datograph Up/Down, which is 13.1mm thick.

Caliber L951.5 stays perhaps the most delightful manifestations in fine watchmaking.

The mechanical contrasts between the original and the second are little however significant – the force hold was expanded impressively to 60 hours from the 36 found in the original. Truly, the dials are nearly perfect representations of one another, however this new dark throb dial utilizes the bigger measurement sub-registers found in the subsequent age, non-throb dials ( as seen here ).

You see a marginally extraordinary textual style utilized, and an alternate mark at six o’clock on the old versus new, and it ought to be noticed that this is anything but a precise of the first rose gold 1815 chronograph dial – that had the more modest sub-registers and they were a grayish shading where as this is all dark. Here is my original watch versus this new dark dial second era watch.

Though these watches were created 14 years separated, they look practically indistinguishable from behind.

The new 1815 Chronograph with dark dial won’t supplant the non-throb dial form, and it will likewise not be a store selective – which means this watch will be accessible at any approved A. Lange & Söhne vendor. The cost on this watch will be equivalent to the next 1815s, at $50,300, and it will be opened pleasantly against any remaining significant very good quality chronograph competition. You can discover more data on the Lange 1815 chronograph here .

For further perusing, see Jack Forster’s assessment of the 1815 here and my own glance at why the 1815 chronograph acquired a spot in my own assortment here .