Introducing: The Al Satterwhite Signed Paul Newman Print, Available In Shop In Limited Quantities

Hands-On: An Afternoon With Manufacture Royale

The generally striking and significant photo taken of a twentieth century icon.

First, Who Is Al Satterwhite?

This photo was caught by a man who passes by the name of Al Satterwhite. Satterwhite is an amazing contemporary picture taker, with whose work you are without a doubt, however maybe accidentally, recognizable. He made this effort of Stevie Wonder . This picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This of McQueen , and these of Ali . He’s the sort of picture taker who might immediately join Hunter S. Thompson on a five-day drinking spree in Mexico , and afterward be marked a “contemporary grandmaster” by Leica , and “Legend” by Nikon.

Each picture is hand-signed by the Nikon legend, Leica grandmaster, and most loved photographic artist of Hunter S. Thompson, Al Satterwhite.

How Did This Photo Come To be?

Motorsports is a little piece of Satterwhite’s portfolio, however in 1978, while at Sebring, he caught what might be come quite possibly the most wonderful and famous photos of Paul Newman to date – a striking highly contrasting of Newman in his Goodyear dashing suit, hand to his ear, with a steel chronograph obvious on his restricting wrist. The picture remained part of Satterwhite’s own portfolio for quite a long time, until one print was found by our own Ben Clymer. In conversations with Satterwhite’s addressing exhibition, we had the option to get 50 prints of this amazing picture, on gallery quality paper, each separately signed and numbered by Satterwhite himself.

Only 25 images will be accessible in two sizes, ever.

How Limited Are These?

There are 50 prints altogether, 25 accessible in one of two distinct sizes – 11×14 and 16×20 – and once these photographs are gone, they are no more. Until the end of time. This picture won’t be reprinted in these sizes, or signed, until the end of time. Also, when you combine how significant this picture is – of the very watch that apparently made the whole class of vintage gathering that we love so a lot – and taken and signed by an incredible photographic artist whose work is now commanding great many dollars at sell off, and how dazzling the real picture is, you have something exceptionally uncommon. We are really lowered to be working with Mr. Satterwhite on this arrangement, and we trust you love it similarly however much that we do.

You can discover more subtleties and request your signed release here .