Introducing: The Baccarat And L'Epée 1839 Sun Clock

Introducing: The Baccarat And L'Epée 1839 Sun Clock

Inspired by King Louis XIV, the sun ruler and admirer of everything rich, this restricted version divider check estimates 38 creeps in measurement and loads an incredible 90 lbs. What makes up all that weight, you inquire? Why, it’s the monstrous Baccarat precious stones utilized for the sun radiates that are managed close by applied 20k gold. The focal point of the dial is skeletonized, uncovering the physically twisted L’Epée 1839 development. Fortunately, with a 25-day power hold you will not need to wind it time and again. Everything is made in-house by L’Epée, except for the jewels.

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe had a unique Sun Clock in their home.

The Sun Clock is an extraordinary illustration of how Baccarat is as yet the most seasoned (and most noteworthy) precious stone production on the planet. Collaborating up with L’Epée for the development of the clock just gives this clock greater validity, with L’Epée’s standing as an eminent clockmaker backing it up. You may recollect L’Epée from one of its joint efforts with MB&F, such as  Arachnaphobia  or Balthazar . 

The Sun Clock is a restricted version of only 50 numbered pieces, and it’s estimated at €100,000 (roughly $107,500 at season of publishing). 

For more about the Sun Clock, visit  L’Epée and Baccarat online.