Introducing: The Bamford Heritage MilSub, A Modern Sub With All The Bits Of The Original Without The Six-Figure Bill

These little characteristics don’t seem like a lot, however they amount to a great deal regarding passionate worth and truth be told real esteem – a great full-spec MilSub reference 5513 sells for north of $140,000 nowadays, with archives, perhaps more, and for a 5517 or double reference, considerably more. Obviously, a MilSub isn’t by and large on the shopping arrangements of many. Thus, with the assistance of the Bamford Watch Department, we have the following best thing, underlying a more powerful way, at a small amount of the cost.

The Bamford Heritage MilSub takes the entirety of that, and drops it into a pristine Rolex case, adjusted by Bamford to incorporate those fixed carries (on the NATO form), a metal bezel, and all the pieces and weaves you’d find on a genuine MilSub. The completely graduated bezel is metal, much the same as it was on the first, as well.

The whole case is covered in Bamford’s restrictive MGTC (military evaluation titanium covering) for a matte dim completion. These watches will retail at $19,375, and in light of the fact that this is the Bamford Watch Department, you can get them stock with an orbited B here , or even tweak which letter you’d like on the dial here .