Introducing: The Baume & Mercier Clifton Perpetual Calendar

The most recent watch in this custom is the Clifton Perpetual Calendar – a genuine unending in a gold case, which runs fairly counter to the new pattern to offer high complications in a steel case , for greatest accessibility.

The Clifton Perpetual Calendar resists the pattern of placing moderate variants of complications in steel cases.

The Clifton Perpetual Calendar utilizes a lovely high-grade development: the extra-level Vaucher type 5401, a miniature rotor development just 2.6mm thick and 30mm in breadth, from Manufacture Vaucher (which is possessed by the Sandoz Family Foundation, and which has delivered developments for customers as changed as Richard Mille and Hermes – the last having a proprietorship stake in Vaucher). The ceaseless schedule plate is a Dubois-Depraz 5100, and outstandingly, the provenance of the two components is obviously given by Baume & Mercier, with excellent straightforwardness. It’s becoming increasingly more common for companies utilizing re-appropriated developments to be open about development sources – a pattern we desire to see proceed. The combination of the type 5401 with the DD module considers a development that is just 4.2mm thick.

In ceaseless schedules, the utilization of a module isn’t particularly hazardous insofar as evaluating is fitting, as never-ending schedule works are by and large cadrature (under the dial works) regardless. The position of the schedule sub-dials is in relation to the general plan and measurements of the case (42mm distance across and 11.2mm thick) which is typically the greatest and most unavoidable gotcha in secluded perpetuals. 

Baume and Mercier is clear and straightforward about where both the base development and schedule works come from – something to be applauded.

The cost is, as you may expect, incredibly sensible for a miniature rotor controlled, extra-level gold ceaseless schedule, at $22,900. Between the Vaucher development, the strong case plan, and the utilization of a dependable DD module that keeps this watch both richly level and truly dependable, we think this is a strong expansion to the setup of the new age of, if not worth evaluated, unquestionably esteem cognizant complications; contemplating how to ensure customers get genuine worth is never an awful thing.

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