Introducing: The Blancpain Tribute To Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC (Live Pics & Pricing)

Introducing: The Blancpain Tribute To Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC (Live Pics & Pricing)

A close up of the water indication.

In case you don’t have the foggiest idea, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms was the jump watch once upon a time. It was the principal programmed plunge watch and the first with a pivoting bezel. It genuinely accommodated the necessities of expert jumpers. It was planned by Captain Robert Maloubier and Lieutenant Claude Riffaud, commanders of the French Combat Diving School, who shopped it around to watch makes (like Lip), with Blancpain CEO Jean-Jacques Fiechter taking the snare (the quips keep on coming).

The Blancpain Tribute to Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC seen from the side.

The Fifty Fathoms was brought into the world in 1953. Presently another component was added to the jump watch, an element that alarmed a jumper if water advanced into their watch. This was amazingly significant at that point, because of the absence of computers and innovation designed for profound plunge missions. Thus, the MIL-SPEC 1 was brought into the world with a roundabout marker on the dial at six o’clock that would change tone should water saturate the instrument, hence compromising the watch’s precision and reliance. In the event that your life-saving apparatus was broken, you’d know it right away.

The striking bezel has consistently been a mark of the Fifty Fathoms.

For the watch’s 60th commemoration, Blancpain carried it back with the watch you see here – the Tribute To Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC. As I referenced, we haven’t seen a MIL-SPEC from Blancpain since the 1960s. This new version begins with a cleaned 40mm case with uni-directional turning bezel that is covered in scratch-safe sapphire (a development that traces all the way back to 2003). The dial is a rich matte dark matte with SuperLuminova lists and hands that copy radium in shading and texture. 

The water-marker is that half orange, half white circle you see conspicuously positioned at six o’clock. On the off chance that the dial is presented to water – even a moderately modest quantity – the white part will start to turn a rosy orange to coordinate the opposite side. Essentially, in the event that you peer down at your watch can’t in any case effectively tell that the circle is two tones, you realize you have an issue. The Tribute to Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC is water impervious to 30 bar (300 meters) however, so you shouldn’t at any point see that dab change colors.

The type 1151 in the Blancpain Tribute to Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC.

And the development? The new MIL-SPEC is fueled by the type 1151, an in-house programmed development that has a four-day power hold (a similar type utilized in a portion of the Villeret watches). This development likewise has a silicon balance spring and a strong gold rotor with NAC covering (a platinum combination), which is shown pleasantly through the caseback. 

The Tribute To Fifty Fathoms MilSpec will retail for $14,100 and is a restricted release of 500 pieces. It is accessible with a wristband, NATO Strap, or sail fabric lash. For more,  visit Blancpain on the web .