Introducing: The Bulova CURV Chronographs, With High Frequency Shaped Quartz Movements

The CURV chronographs are, as it’s been said, exactly what it says on the tin: formed quartz chronograph watches, which permits the watch to sit comfortably on the wrist. The development is a minor departure from the Precisionist types that Bulova previously presented in 2010. These developments have a 262 kilohertz recurrence, rather than around 32 kilohertz for a customary quartz oscillator. The end result is better exactness – about +/ – 10 seconds out of each year, as per Bulova; Precisionist developments can be recognized by their easily clearing seconds hands, which are suggestive of the first tuning-fork Accutrons.

We previously saw these watches at Bulova’s worldwide base camp in the Empire State Building (the firm possesses a whole floor, by chance, so it’s still a lot of a U.S. presence) and in spite of the way that quartz can be a smidgen of a hard offer to a group of people of mechanical watch aficionados, we think these are a lovely intriguing plan take on the class – while additionally carrying a bonus to the table from a specialized perspective.

Of course, in case you will go to the difficulty of creating a formed, curved development, it’s ideal to have the option to really see it, and on two of the in excess of twelve models of the CURV chronos that will be accessible at dispatch, there’s a showcase back showing the 262 kilohertz development on the whole its brilliance. These, you likely will not be amazed to hear, were our top picks; and Bulova has worked really hard making the makeup of the development a very much coordinated piece of the general plan, including the utilization of an Accutron logo battery cover.

Prices on the CURV chronographs will begin at $599; the most costly model will be $899, with a titanium case and curved sapphire gems front and back (that is, it’s one of the two presentation back models; the other is practically indistinguishable in plan, however in 316L impeccable steel).

For more on Bulova, visit the company on the web, here.

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