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Introducing: The Cartier Drive, A New Men’s Watch With An Eye To The Past (Details, Official Pricing & Availability)

This could be the Cartier a significant number of us have been hanging tight for. Truth be told, recently, when CNN asked each HODINKEE colleague to pick one watch that they truly preferred from the day’s introductions, it was the new-shape men’s watch from Cartier – the Drive – that I picked. Why? Since I’ve been passing on to locate a present day men’s Cartier that fits me, and my taste. The Caliber Chronograph was a positive development , the Caliber Diver significantly more thus, yet they were still somewhat massive, somewhat lively for me. That is to say, I own incredible games watches from Rolex, Omega, and others, so why purchase a Cartier sports watch? That is not what Cartier is to me, but rather the Drive is exactly what Cartier is to me. It’s delightful, it’s refined, it’s masculine, and its development is made in-house! Furthermore, the cost? You’re going to like it.

The Drive is pointed decisively at men, and men with taste.

The Drive de (Cartier Drive) is a vintage car motivated wristwatch that is truth be told an absolutely new sort of item for Cartier. I’m informed that for the absolute first time, this watch, pointed solidly at men – not at all like a year ago’s Clé – won’t be a mass market watch, which means it isn’t something that Cartier will push out in each market to everybody like they are inclined to do. The watch is pad formed, yet adjusted, wide, and thin.

The guilloché on the dial is enlivened by old radiator barbecues, the crown by the jolts used to hold a vehicle together. The whole thing is united by blade hands and a sub-seconds dial. The outcome is truly wonderful.

The Cartier Drive comes with a white, dark, or dark dial.

Inside the Drive is Cartier’s amazing in-house type the 1904MC-PS, for this situation, the PS means “Dainty Secondes,” or little seconds. The development is obvious from the back, and it appears completing on the in-house type has improved since I explored the Caliber de Chronograph.

The Drive’s 1904MC is fabricated completely in-house via Cartier.

All this is great, however how can it look on the wrist? This is the place where it gets great. The Drive sits on the wrist only flawlessly with its wide however flimsy case shape, at 40mm. The vibe is energetic, yet exquisite (sidebar: did I truly say that? That is a line Jack and I generally use to ridicule hack marketing specialists and columnists, yet I do truly believe it’s adept here). What’s more is that it comes in a wide range of alternatives including steel and gold cases, with dials in white, dark, and grey.

The Cartier Drive sit magnificently on the wrist.

But I’m not done at this point. The Cartier Drive, which again is maybe the initially focused on watch dispatch in this reach, perhaps ever, and is effectively the most appealing new men’s watch to come from Cartier in years, and highlights an in-house development, begins at $6,250. That is quite a cost for a really attractive, thoroughly examined watch from a significant brand, and I totally love it. Indeed, I’d favor it if didn’t have a date as well, yet that aside, Cartier truly nailed it here.

The Cartier Drive will start dispatching in April and stay tuned for additional deliveries from the new Drive line, just as involved pictures. More here .

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Multiple dial and case alternatives are available.