Introducing: The Cartier Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon, Skeleton Mysterious Hour, And Cartier Panthére Joueuse

Introducing: The Cartier Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon, Skeleton Mysterious Hour, And Cartier Panthére Joueuse

The Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon 9407 MC

The first, and absolutely the most actually refined and complex, of the new presentations is the Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon. The secret twofold tourbillon is a (protected) development of Cartier, and bears the stamp of Cartier’s renowned head development creator, Carole Forestier-Kasapi (whose vocation started at development expert Renaud & Papi). The Mysterious Double Tourbillon was first presented at SIHH 2013, and it comprises of a customary glancing tourbillon inserted in a sapphire plate. The tourbillon has a brief time of pivot, and the sapphire plate wherein it is installed turns once at regular intervals. There are clearly various critical specialized difficulties associated with making such a thing, not the least of which is keeping everything as light as conceivable to forestall the additional mass of the sapphire circles from adversely influencing exactness (by sapping a lot of energy from the stuff train).

The mallets and gongs are noticeable from the dial side of the watch (there is no dial thusly, notwithstanding) in a takeoff from conventional practice in repeater development, which typically puts these components on the back (top plate) side of the watch. The inertial controller is noticeable also. In spite of the fact that the tolling component is customary in itself, the development of the watch overall is intended to enhance quality and amount of sound; highlights, for example, the evaluation five titanium case and the connection purposes of the gongs (the feet are in a bad way to augmentations of the case, as opposed to the development plate, as is typically done) help ensure that however much solid energy as could reasonably be expected gets to the ear. This is one I can hardly wait to find in the metal.

The Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon: development, type 9407 MC, hand-wound, Geneva trademark, 39.30mm (17 1/2 lignes) x 6.07mm (counting tourbillon; 4.70mm without). 448 components, power hold 3.5 days. Case, 45mm x 11.15mm; offered in titanium, platinum with jewel set bezel, and platinum with pavé precious stone dial and bezel, in a restricted version of 50 pieces, 30 pieces, and 20 pieces, respectively.

The Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Mysterious Hour

The secret complication wasn’t by and large concocted at Cartier, yet of all horological complications it’s unquestionably the one most connected with the company. The first secret clock was, properly, created by a phase performer: Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, in 1839. Robert-Houdin’s unique plan had just an hour hand, yet Cartier’s – initially made for the company by Parisian watchmaker Maurice Couët – had both hour and moment hands, and were a quick sensation; Cartier’s Paris store staff were really not told how the tickers functioned, to guarantee that the secret remained a mystery.

The entire thought of a skeleton secret clock appears prima facie absurd – showing the going train should clearly get rid of any secret about how the check – or watch for this situation – really works. For the Rotonde de Cartier Mysterious Hours, in any case, the skeletonizing of the dial has been done so as to uncover a lot of the development without really showing any mechanical association between the development and sapphire circles conveying the hour and moment hands. Secret preserved.

The Rotonde de Cartier Mysterious Hour: development, type 9983 MC, hand-wound, 36.70mm x 6.12mm, 48-hour power hold with 192 components. Case: palladium, 42mm x 11.9mm; water obstruction 30 bar.

The Panthère Joueuse de Cartier

The Panthère Joueuse de Cartier is the most recent in a progression of watches made via Cartier that show a mechanical dial liveliness revolved around Cartier’s unmistakable puma (which turned into Cartier’s mascot because of the presentation of jaguar plan themes by incredible Cartier designer Jeanne Toussaint in the mid twentieth century). 

The first thing you’ll see, obviously, is that there are no hour and moment hands. The part of the moment hand is played by the jaguar and its paw, and the hour is addressed by the precious stone set ball the puma is “pursuing” around the dial. The principle specialized test here is that both the ball and the puma (both precious stone set 18k white gold) add a huge measure of additional mass to the heap the development should drive; to lessen the subsequent grinding to a base, both ride on transporter plates with inset rubies. 

The Panthère Joueuse de Cartier: development, type 9918 MC, self-winding, 33mm x 5.61mm with 48-hour power hold. Case, white gold, 40mm x 12.05mm. Accessible in white gold with jewel cleared bezel; or in white gold with precious stone cleared bezel, dial, and bracelet.

We’ll have a ton more data on each of the three of these watches (alongside live photographs, obviously) live from SIHH 2017 in January. For the present, you can discover more data at .