Introducing: The Casio G-Shock 'Hammer Tone' MRG-G10000HG-9A In Gold, Celebrating 20 Years Of MR-G

Introducing: The Casio G-Shock 'Hammer Tone' MRG-G10000HG-9A In Gold, Celebrating 20 Years Of MR-G

The MRG-G10000HG-9A is presently the second MR G-Shock to get the tsuiki hammer-design enriching treatment (look at the first Hammer Tone from our active last May ) and by and by, Casio has enrolled Mr. Bihou Asano, who was naturally introduced to a Kyoto-based group of tsuiki masters in 1943, and who beautified the first Hammer Tone watches. 

Bold, gold, and muscular: the MRG-G10000HG-9A Hammer Tone.

Now, this is certainly not a strong gold body (despite the fact that as we detailed in our unique Hammer Tone story, they exist; G-Shock maker Kikuo Ibe made one final year) yet rather, a titanium body with gold particle plating. The arm band focus connections and bezel are each brightened separately by Mr. Asano – for each of the 300 watches.

Each watch is separately beautified with the pounding procedure known as tsuiki.

Highly beautified outside yet inside, it’s a G-Shock through and through.

The body is worked around a G-Shock module indistinguishable from the one utilized in the first Hammer Tone MRGG1000HT: this is a simple dial, GPS controlled world time watch that utilizes public radio time signal transmissions as a reinforcement on the off chance that a decent lock with GPS satellites overhead can’t be set up. The watch can likewise show, on the dial at 3:00, the day of the week; scope at which you’ve gotten a fix from GPS; off-line mode status; and whether Daylight Saving Time is on or off. There are likewise choices to enter alert setting, stopwatch, or commencement clock modes too (and obviously, the imperative full interminable schedule, a battery life pointer, and a brilliant LED light for evening time seeing). Gracious, and it’s Tough Solar too. Case measurements are 54.7 × 49.8 × 16.9mm, so save your French sleeves for one more day (or rock this person outwardly of your shirt sleeve. In for a dime, in for a dollar, furthermore, in case you’re wearing a 54.7mm gold G-Shock you just kinda gotta own it). 

I realize that such a thing strikes a many individuals as ridiculous or even out and out peculiar however I have a soft spot for the Hammer Tone watches – there is something in particular about this sort of impact of fiercely different social and tasteful imagery, with forefront timekeeping innovation, that I discover sort of overwhelming. It’s nothing if not dangerous, sure, but rather it’s additionally nothing if not innovative, and the verifiable measure of ability and art that goes into tsuiki decoration hoists it above appearing to be kitschy or gimmicky. I could see a specific sort of characteristically reckless and husky individual going for one of these, however I could likewise see it being embraced by a particular sort of fastidious dandy as well.

The Hammer Tone MRG-G1000HG is a restricted version of 300 watches, valued at $6,200 (equivalent to the first Hammer Tone). Look at the entire clan of G-Shocks at  and in case you’re new to G-Shock, or simply need to discover more about how they appeared, look at our top to bottom meeting with Kikuo Ibe, who showed us one of the most uncommon G-Shocks in presence, taps his number one model, and says where he trusts G-Shock can go from here.