Introducing: The Drake's For 2016 Limited Edition Genta Pocket Square

Drake’s is the spot for menswear and has been for very nearly 40 years. They make everything from custom shirts, ties, and other men’s adornments – so it should come as nothing unexpected that we have collaborated with them again to bring you the greatest horological-roused pocket squares.

2014: The main version of the Genta Pocket Square.

2016: The new version of the Genta Pocket Square.

The new release is essential for a restricted arrangement of 150 pieces, and each has been made by hand in Italy with a similar flexible silk and fleece blend as the 2014 variant. The 2016 handkerchief includes a medium blue background with differentiating naval force blue shading for the Nautilus and Royal Oak bezel diagram – basically the converse of the first 2014 version.

The 2014 adaptations sold out rapidly (in under six hours to be careful), so don’t stand by too long to even consider getting yours. Snap here for the full posting .