Introducing: The F.P. Journe Vagabondage III, The World's First Mechanical Digital Jumping Seconds Wristwatch

Introducing: The F.P. Journe Vagabondage III, The World's First Mechanical Digital Jumping Seconds Wristwatch

The F. P. Journe Vagabondage III is the world’s first jumping computerized seconds wristwatch.

The absolute first Vagabondage watch was a jumping hour watch with a surprising display: the numerals for the hours are represented by a circle on the dial, and the window encompassing the current hour hefts the hour numeral around the dial once per hour, going about as the moment hand. Vagabondage I began as a restricted version for the sale house Antiquorum, and was consequently delivered as a restricted arrangement in platinum and jewel set platinum.

Vagabondage II was a different interpretation of the computerized display of the time. Rather than the meandering hours complication utilized in Vagabondage I, Vagabondage II uses an advanced jumping hours and minutes display. Because of the shifting energy necessities Journe introduced a remontoire d’égalité (a steady force component proposed to detach the energy going to the equilibrium from the power varieties in the going train brought about by jumping the disks).

Vagabondage I, dispatched as an arrangement in 2006.

Vagabondage II, in platinum or red gold, 2010.

Vagabondage III isn’t just the most exposed precisely, however probably likewise the most difficult of the three to get working, as jumping the seconds produces a significantly expanded energy load. Indeed, Journe’s utilizing a one moment remontoire d’égalité, and it’s unquestionably the most outwardly powerful jumping advanced display wristwatch we’ve ever seen.

It’s pretty extraordinary; I don’t realize that any other individual other than Journe would have tried to thoroughly consider the problem by any means. It’s been a cliché in mechanical horology, apparently, that a jumping seconds display in a wristwatch is off the table as something in principle impossible to do, however lo and view, Journe’s figured out how to pull it off. The minutes, coincidentally, are (as I’m certain is self-evident) read off an ordinary hand on a pivot at the focal point of the dial, however making an effort not to implement a jumping minutes display too is very likely what made the Vagabondage III possible and moreover, it allows you to focus outwardly on the jumping seconds fireworks. 

The observe positively brings up the issue concerning whether a full advanced display of the hours, minutes, and seconds is possible in a mechanical watch – to my memory the nearest anybody at any point came to attempting was Vianney Halter, with the Opus 3, which had a jumping commencement of the most recent four seconds before the difference in the hour and which wound up requiring ten years to get working (however it accomplished finally work, and was finally conveyed). That particular Holy Grail of watchmaking is as yet hanging tight for its Parsifal.

The Vagabondage III is a fairly huge wristwatch, outsizing the vast majority of Journe’s different timepieces – nonetheless, the idea of the complication directs a more generous development and therefore, a bigger case. Vagabondage III’s development, type 1514, is 29.3 x 28.2 x 5.58mm and the case overall, 45.2 x 37.6 x 7.84mm. (For comparison, the jumping advanced hours and minutes Lange Zeitwerk, which likewise has a remontoire, is 41.9 x 12.6mm.)

I think the size is more than a sensible tradeoff, notwithstanding, for a world-first in watchmaking (these come along significantly less often than you’d might suspect). It’s likewise the most tastefully successful of the Vagabondage watches, to me – this involves personal taste obviously, however I think the white frameworks around the display windows, and the utilization of a smoked sapphire dial, conveys the message of complexity without adding pointless mess. According to F.P. Journe, proprietors of Vagabondage I and II will have preference for ordering (which is sensible given their prior financial, and probably enthusiastic, interest in the Vagabondage arrangement) and there will be 69 pieces dressed in platinum, and 68 in red gold. Genuine Journe collectors, and those for whom horological firsts are overwhelming, take note.

See more about the Vagabondage arrangement at The Vagabondage III: development, hand-wound rose gold type 1514, 29.3 x 28.2 x 5.88 mm, with computerized jumping hours and seconds and remontoire d’égalité. Case, platinum or red gold, 45.2 mm x 37.6 mm x 7.84 mm. Price not yet reported; we’ll update when we have it.