Introducing: The Grandmaster Chime Reference 6300G – The Most Complicated Patek, Now In White Gold

This, I need to concede, came as a stun. It came as a stun to me, and each other single individual with whom I talked that I’d consider learned about gathering Patek Philippe. The Grandmaster Chime – reference 5175 – the most complicated Patek wristwatch at any point made, of which there were just seven pieces made – six for the best customers on the planet, one for the gallery – has returned. It has another reference, for another situation material, and without all that staggeringly elaborate etching, however it’s back. In the first place, examine at what makes this watch so special.

The cost for the Grandmaster Chime? Correct, $2.5 million, and we’re told there was a rundown a mile long to get it – the six gatherers that got it had definitely been hand chosen by the Sterns for their enthusiasm for, and long haul commitment to, the brand. In any case, presently those six authorities may not feel very as fortunate, as a similar unbelievable type – with more than 1,500 individual components – is accessible to more individuals! Okay, this is as yet a madly uncommon, unique piece that will go to just the absolute best of the best watch purchasers on the planet, yet it doesn’t change the way that each 5175 was promoted as one of seven on the planet, and now there will be more – and in white metal.

Patek 6300G highlights a similar type as 5175R.

Again, the 5175 is the commemoration piece, and it combines mechanical art with “uncommon hand create” as Patek likes to allude to etching and lacquer work, so it is undoubtedly a substantially more complicated watch to deliver with all that case work, yet at the same time, to see a similar type utilized in this new reference 6300G so not long after the 175th commemoration is fascinating to say the least.

The cost of the 6300G? An actually stunning $2,200,000, or about $300,000 not exactly the completely engraved 5175R. No word on large numbers of these will be made or for how long, however I can envision at any rate six individuals out there will be interested to know.

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