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Introducing: The H. Moser & Cie. Swiss Alp Watch, A Not-So-Subtle Jab At The Apple Watch (Exclusive Live Photos & Details)

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You know, 2015 was totally the time of the smartwatch. What’s more, by smartwatch, what we truly mean to say is 2015 was the time of the Apple Watch. Following up the September 2014 declaration ( covered here by me ) and the April 2015 launch, the Swiss watch industry waited with bated breath to see exactly how problematic the Apple Watch would be to its stunning the state of affairs. Ends up, it might have really been quite damn troublesome – reports demonstrate that the Swiss watch industry’s fares were down around 4% year over year, with quartz watches specifically getting destroyed. Now there could be numerous explanations behind this – international strife, an extravagance charge in China, etc. –yet Apple, rightfully or not, has frequently been the substitute. What’s more, to combat those who think uniquely in contrast to Switzerland, we’ve seen a host of Swiss-named (but interestingly not Swiss-made) arrangements that went from the embarrassing to the outright silly. The highest profile was absolutely that of TAG Heuer’s Smart Carrera,  which Kevin reviewed here . Today, however, we have a totally extraordinary interpretation of the Swiss-made enemy of Apple Watch. It’s known as the Swiss Alp Watch, and it comes from high-end autonomous watchmaker H. Moser, and kid, are they in for a fight.

The first thing you’ll see about the Swiss Alp Watch is that it, well, looks precisely like the Apple watch.you have that wonderful, adjusted, rectangular-shaped case that overflows the incomparable Jony Ive-drove Apple Design group. Yet, rather than a touch screen with quite a few applications, you have a dazzling dark smoke dial, something for which Moser is well known among watch enthusiasts. The drags, which look much the same as the wire carries found on the higher end Apple Watches, really utilize a spring bar, however the impact is there. Inside, you have an in-house H. Moser type that includes a power hold pointer and Straumann hairspring. However, you know what, it nearly doesn’t make any difference that it’s inside – at the very least it’s a wonderful, high-end, generally hand-finished, all hand-amassed, completely Swiss-made development that reveals to you nothing yet the time and will probably last numerous ages. Basically, what Swiss watchmaking is all about.

What matters is that THIS WATCH LOOKS JUST LIKE THE APPLE WATCH. Now Moser is anything but a well-known company outside of the watch gathering world – it’s not as though IWC, Omega, or Rolex is taking a light-hearted hit at the world’s biggest and most significant company (which, by chance, has more cash in the bank than the whole Swiss watch industry makes in a year, by a great deal). Moser is a little man, with a creation of under 1,500 watches each year, and in some way or another, you have to give them kudos for putting the Swiss Alp Watch into creation. It’s somewhat cheesy, it’s somewhat amusing, it’s somewhat ridiculous, however toward the day’s end, they’re having fun with Apple, and denoting this second in watchmaking in a great way. Whether Apple concurs is a whole extraordinary story.

Also, this isn’t the first run through Moser has played somewhat demure with Apple – recently they prodded “The First Swiss-Made Smart Watch” just to uncover a new take on their incredible Endeavor Perpetual Calendar ( which I reviewed here ). The amusing thing about this whole Swiss Alp Watch thing though is that Moser went to apparently quite genuine lengths to savage Apple in their advertising materials. There is an Apple-esque video cut, complete with senior-level-leader voice over. Rather than Jony Ive, we hear Edouard Meylan, Moser’s owner and CEO. We likewise have the white-background, Apple-style pack shots that we are accustomed to seeing on announcements everywhere.

The Moser Swiss Alp Watch looks and feels much the same as the Apple Watch on the wrist, and indeed is a similar size as the 38 mm variety. It is white gold, so the weight is extensively more, however the vibe is a lot of the equivalent. Just 50 pieces will be made, all in white gold, and at a cost of $24,900 – just somewhat more than the all-rose-gold Apple Watch Edition. If you’re keen on one, we anticipate that they should not be available for long – either they’ll sell out quickly, or Apple will shut this down surprisingly fast. Either way, gotta give a few props to Moser for having fun with the province of Swiss watchmaking and its apparently relentless fixation on what Apple is doing.

Technical Features

The Moser Swiss Alp Watch is offered in 18k white gold, 38.2 mm x44 mm x 10.3 mm. Fumé dial; development, in-house Moser type HMC 324, hand-wound, 4-day power save, 18,000 vph with Straumann overcoil balance spring, Moser interchangeable escapement. Power save on the development, noticeable through the presentation back. Tie, hand-stitched Kudu leather with white-gold pin clasp. Visit H. Moser & Cie. right here.