Introducing: The H. Moser Endeavour Centre Seconds Automatic, With The New HMC 200 Caliber

Introducing: The H. Moser Endeavour Centre Seconds Automatic, With The New HMC 200 Caliber

The Endeavor Center Seconds is a beautiful clear watch. It is 40mm across and 10.7mm thick, with sapphire precious stones both front and back, and the case configuration has been changed a bit from past Endeavor models, getting a little curvier simultaneously. The dials come in an assortment of Moser’s mark fumé completes, which are the absolute most delightful looking dials you’ll discover anyplace in watches today. Leaf-molded hands and basic applied twirly doo files (with twofold mallet at 12 o’clock) balance things and make for a very adaptable watch. These would make extraordinary every day wearers for somebody searching for something neither too dressy nor too casual.

The star of this watch however is the development. The type HMC 200 is an absolutely new development, planned and made in-house by Moser. It’s a generally thin (5.5mm thick) programmed development running in 27 gems with a bi-directional pawl winding framework. The rotor is strong 18k gold and the development has a three-day power save. This is intended to be another fundamental development for Moser, and we’ll probably see complications based on this base over the course of the following not many years. 

The HMC 200 development (seen here in the Pioneer Center Seconds).

The HMC 200 is additionally accessible in the Pioneer case, should you need something somewhat sportier. The correspondingly named Pioneer Center Seconds is just accessible in one model at dispatch and it is treated steel with a 12 PM blue fumé dial, matched with a dark elastic lash. This watch is valued at $11,900 and is the primary steel watch in Moser’s fundamental collection.

The Pioneer Center Seconds additionally uses the HMC 200 type, this time in pure steel.

The new Endeavor Center Seconds is accessible in white gold with either a fumé dial or a Funky Blue dial and red gold with either a fumé or 12 PM blue fumé dial. Every one of the four references are valued at $19,900. 

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