Introducing: The Hamilton Ventura 60th Anniversary Editions

Introducing: The Hamilton Ventura 60th Anniversary Editions

The Hamilton Ventura Classic in yellow PVD-covered steel, large.

The Hamilton Ventura Classic in yellow PVD-covered steel, small.

For the 60th commemoration of the Ventura, Hamilton is presenting three new models: the Ventura Classic in yellow gold hued PVD-covered tempered steel with a white dial (in little and huge sizes), the Ventura Classic in hardened steel with blue denim-printed dial and lash (in little and enormous sizes), and the Ventura Skeletonized (just in a huge size. The gold-shaded Ventura Classic is generally like the first Venture in shading plan, while the case shape remains the very same on the denim form as well.

Both Classic Ventura models are comparative in that they are both controlled by a quartz development and have similar estimations. The little forms measure 24mm x 36.5mm and the huge measure 32.3mm x 50.3mm. The primary contrast between the two models are the feel, with the yellow gold rendition having a silvered dial and the denim form highlighting a denim-printed dial and coordinating denim lash. The previous is substantially more 1950s, while the last is, um, a ton of look.

The Ventura with denim tie and printed dial, huge.

The little form of the denim Ventura.

The Ventura Skeletonized is a somewhat extraordinary monster. It includes a bigger three-sided case estimating 42.5mm x 44.6mm, and, as you’d surmise from the name, there’s an incompletely skeletonized dial with the type H-10-S programmed skeletonized development sitting under. There’s very nearly a shade watch impact here and a couple of bright accents to shake things up. The watch comes on either a dark or light dim elastic strap.

The Ventura Skeletonized.

The valuing on these models differ, beginning at 875 CHF and 895 CHF for the yellow PVD-covered steel, and 1,600 CHF for the skeletonized adaptation. At season of distribution, these costs convert to almost indistinguishable sums in U.S. Dollars. 

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