Introducing: The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Collection With Sector Dials (Live Pics + Pricing)

Introducing: The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Collection With Sector Dials (Live Pics + Pricing)

At SIHH, a great deal gets made of the insane watch. I’m discussing the $93,900 artistic ceaseless schedules and the $1 million thousand complications . In any case, it’s essential to recall that these watches don’t come near making up most of watches bought every year. It’s the less feature snatching pieces that end up on more wrists, as it’s in every case extra energizing to discover something truly inconceivable that doesn’t come with a five or six-figure cost tag.

The Master Control Date

The first watch is the Master Control Date, which is the least complex of the three watches. The watch has a 39mm treated steel case that is thin at simply 8.5mm. That number sounds thin, sure, yet in person it nearly feels like a super meager. The specialized subtleties of the watch are sufficiently straightforward and inside is a  JLC type 899/1, which is a 219 component programmed development with a 38-hour power hold and a strong gold winding rotor.

What truly makes this watch extraordinary however is the dial. The two-tone sector dial has a brushed silver external track and a grained inside, isolated by a dull sector. note that at 3, 6, 9, and 12, the little sector areas go in, not out, in order to not interfere with the numerals and date window (which shows the date in blue). The hands are open (ie, not loaded up with lume) and the entire thing truly seems as though something you’d find on a 1940s watch, with none of the equitable off kitsch. 

The Master Control Date retails for $5,700.

The Master Control Chronograph

Next up we have the Master Chronograph. While the time-and-date model is my undisputed top choice, I think this is probably going to be the success of the assortment. The steel case is only a smidgen bigger at 40mm and it wears very well – truth be told, the first occasion when I gave the watch a shot, I thought it was as yet a 39mm watch on my wrist. At 12.1mm thick, it’s not exactly as smooth as the Master Control Date, however it’s still rather slender and sleek.

Obviously there’s somewhat more going on with the dial here, and it truly flaunts those light blue accents to incredible impact. I don’t have the foggiest idea what it is, however that shade of blue appears to truly work with silver/white sector dials. It’s barely enough tone to be fascinating, yet not really as to overwhelm the plan. The watch is fueled by type 751G, a programmed chronograph that can tally as long as 12 hours and has a 65-hour power hold. This is the solitary watch of the assortment without a sapphire caseback.

The Master Control Chronograph retails for $8,000.

The Master Control Geographic

Finally we have the Master Control Geographic. Sector dial time-just watches and chronographs are common vintage events and have been reworked before ordinarily, however this is something absolutely new. The caliber 939B/1 permits the watch to show a second timezone down at six o’clock and there is a city circle (practically like what you’d find on a worldtimer) that is uncovered through a cut-out in the dial from 4:30 to 7:30 to allow you rapidly to change that second timezone to your new location.

In terms of by and large polish, I think this watch is presumably the most ineffective of the three. There is a ton going on down at the lower part of the dial and the case is 39mm across and 11.8mm thick, giving it the chunkiest profile also. Try not to misunderstand me, I still truly like this watch generally speaking and believe it’s a fascinating method to mix a valuable complication with an outdated plan, it’s simply not exactly as extraordinary as the other two.

The Master Control Geographic retails for $9,400.

These are, truly, three of my number one watches of SIHH 2017 up until now. They’re fun, wearable, reference the past without being straight vintage re-issues, and, critically, are all around valued. They are not carefully restricted releases, however Jaeger-LeCoultre will just make them for the following year, so creation will normally be limited. 

We’ll have a full top to bottom gander at these looks for you soon, yet needed to impart the features to you now.

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