Introducing: The Longines Railroad

Above, you can see the first Longines railroad pocket watch from the 1960s. The number 280 on the dial alludes to the Longines hand-wound type 280, an in-house, high evaluation development appropriate for the requests of use in the rail administration. The expression “railroad level” alludes to watches endorsed for use via train teams and keeping in mind that the greater part of us are accustomed to seeing the term applied to rail administration watches pocket watches from brands like Elgin, Waltham, Howard, and indeed, Longines (which made railroad administration watches including the USA, Canada, and China among others) truth be told wristwatches could be affirmed by time review agencies also. As per a fascinating glance at the subject on from 2000 , in any event until that year, you could in the event that you picked utilize an affirmed mechanical wristwatch, or even pocket watch, in the event that you so decided. One remarkable prerequisite is that the watch should show the time in 24 hour format.

And here’s the new form, in 40 mm, and we think an attractive watch at that. The number on the dial has changed to “888” after the more up to date development (Longines type L888.2, which we attempt to be an ETA base) yet in most different regards the two watches are to all plans and purposes indistinguishable. Nonetheless, it’s a finely done recovery, with exquisitely tightening dauphine hands, a seconds hand with a tenderly bended tip to wipe out parallax error, and a basic, rich hardened steel case.

It’s become practically dull to say this however Longines has, once more, done right by a Heritage model. Great size, attractive dial, dependable and simple to support development, and who knows, except if the Canadian Pacific Railroad’s kept in touch with them out of its guidelines since 2000, why you may even have the option to utilize it while workin’ on the railroad, all the live-long day.

The Longines Heritage Railroad: case, tempered steel, 40mm in measurement, development type L888.2 (assumed ETA base). Visit Longines on the web.

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