Introducing: The Longines VHP 'Very High Precision' Watches, A High-End Take On Quartz Timekeeping

Introducing: The Longines VHP 'Very High Precision' Watches, A High-End Take On Quartz Timekeeping

It’s a genuinely short rundown. Bulova makes its high recurrence Precisionist watches; there are the 9F type quartz Grand Seikos; Citizen makes its homegrown market-just, ± 5 seconds-of the year Chronomaster; Breitling has its Superquartz developments ; and there are others, with these simply being a portion of the more eminent competitors. Previously, there were a more extensive assortment of endeavors to make forefront, high-accuracy quartz watches. Everything from Omega’s quartz Marine Chronometer, which was the main marine chronometer wristwatch, to a scope of high recurrence models from Seiko and Citizen, to Pulsar’s PSR-10 (± 10 seconds out of each year precision) competed for consideration and buyer dollars. Perhaps the most fascinating was the since quite a while ago failed to remember Longines VHP – a Very High Precision watch made during the 1980s and 1990s that offered ± 10 second out of each year precision.

The new Longines VHP is a recovery of the Very High Precision Longines quartz watches of the past.

The unique VHP was first presented in 1984, and Longines and its accomplice, Asulab, kept on building up the development over the course of the following decade or somewhere in the vicinity. Probably the greatest supporter of rate float in quartz watches is temperature variety, and the VHP had a thermocompensated development; later models incorporated an interminable schedule and long term lithium battery. In the same way as other makers, nonetheless, Longines found that customer interest for this level of exactness was somewhat of a specialty business, and the VHP was in the end stopped. Today, in any case, it’s back.

In expansion to ± 10 sec. each year precision, there’s a never-ending schedule, just as a large group of other progressed features.

The new watches are a lot of actually in the soul of the first VHP watches. The greatest idea obviously, is exactness: the new VHP models are ensured to inside ± 5  seconds each year, which places them in an exceptionally little gathering. Resident’s Chronomaster comes into view, yet even most other high exactness quartz developments maximize at ± 10 seconds out of each year (your mileage may fluctuate, obviously) and regularly quartz watches without TCXO (temperature compensated gem oscillators) are about a significant degree less precise, at ± 10-15 seconds variety each month (as an intriguing side note, an appropriately changed mechanical watch can beat that, particularly in case you’re fortunate with the guideline, however it’s not something you ought to anticipate. Rolex’s Superlative Chronometer standard guarantees ± 2 seconds out of each day, so to say the least you’d be a moment off toward the month’s end, except if an increase on the wrist was balanced by, for example, a misfortune around evening time when the watch is off the wrist). 

Styling for the 3-gave models is appropriately calm and exact looking.

These watches will be offered at first in a three-hand-and-date variety, with two dial medicines, and as chronographs, additionally with two distinctive dial medicines. The three-hand adaptations can be had in 41 or 43mm case sizes, and the chronograph, in 42mm or 44mm cases. Extra highlights incorporate an exceptionally intriguing sounding “gear position discovery” framework, which permits the hands to be re-adjusted should they become uprooted by a stun or a solid magnetic field, a ceaseless schedule, and a long term battery life. Water opposition is 50 meters.

The chronographs are somewhat bigger, yet appealingly straightforward.

Prices will be amazingly sensible for actually progressed quartz time-keeping – 950 CHF (roughly $940 at season of distributing) for the three-hand models, and 1,550 CHF (around $1,530) for the chronographs. This level of complexity in quartz timekeeping will probably remain something of a specialty market however I think high exactness quartz has its own, extraordinary sort of scholarly magnificence and fulfillment and I trust these will discover an audience.

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