Introducing: The Magazine, Volume 1

Introducing: The  Magazine, Volume 1

You’re probably asking why we’re doing this at this point. Truly, it’s been bound to happen. We’ve wanted to accomplish something on paper for quite a long time, however chose to wait until we had the perfect individuals and the correct second to launch something spectacular. A couple of months ago we concluded everything was aligned and we set out to create what you see here today.

The HODINKEE Magazine allows us to recount stories that probably won’t fit here on old fashioned website for some reason. Regardless of whether it’s that they require an alternate visual language, aren’t only about watches, or only flat out feel better on the printed page, there were a lot of ideas we had to draw from when we started rounding out the table of contents for Volume 1. Eventually, we’ve created something that has all the character and personality of HODINKEE, just with a marginally more extensive lens.

The HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 1

The HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 1, covers a variety of subjects and incorporates various voices, some of which you’ve heard from before on HODINKEE and others that are new. Stories remember a for profundity history of the Rolex Sea-Dweller (celebrating its 50th anniversary this year), a profound analysis of the original Porsche 911 from 1965, a study of watches ideal for end of the week getaways, and a conversation with Patek Philippe CEO Thierry Stern. Our absolute first main story takes a gander at the long, strange path that drove Paul Newman’s own Paul Newman Daytona to the auction block, including direct accounts from individuals who spent the last decade attempting to make the watch their own. 

Contributors incorporate musician John Mayer, Berluti CEO and Loro Piana Chairman Antoine Arnault, Food Network star Alton Brown, and award-winning author Gary Shteyngart – and the magazine is loaded with the intense, original photography that you’re accustomed to seeing on HODINKEE.

We knew the actual magazine had to be as beautiful and ageless as the articles inside, and we feel that it addresses that difficulty. Volume 1 is 160 pages and has both a narrow 8 inch x 10.75 inch impression that makes it more comfortable to read and a special lay-flat restricting that guarantees it will keep on looking immaculate on your shelf. The paper is a semi-gleam stock that feels great in the hand and delivers extraordinarily life-like images, in addition to the whole magazine is sustainably imprinted in Vancouver, Canada. It seems more like a softcover foot stool book than a traditional magazine.

There is also a restricted release of the HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 1, with a special matte black cover that has no image and tonal black logos. Just 500 duplicates were printed and they are just available during pre-request on the HODINKEE Shop.

The most effective method to Get It

Today we are launching pre-orders for the HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 1, on the HODINKEE Shop. Magazines will start arriving to clients on September 27, however exact arrival dates may vary. The cover cost is $27 and we will distribute new volumes bi-annually, in the fall and the spring.

Click here to pre-request the HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 1.

Additionally, we will appropriate the HODINKEE Magazine through various top of the line global retailers and hospitality partners, including Centurion Lounges from American Express, Soho House, and select Intercontinental Hotels, amongst others.