Introducing: The MCT Dodekal One D110, With A Unique Mechanical-Digital Hour Display

Introducing: The MCT Dodekal One D110, With A Unique Mechanical-Digital Hour Display

At SIHH we showed you the MCT Sequential One 110 Evo Vantablack , a watch that utilized the blackest color on Earth to make a supernatural impact. This watch adopts an all the more precisely engaged strategy to standing out enough to be noticed, yet does as such to extraordinary effect.

The D110 utilizes an absolutely new kind of mechanical/computerized hour display.

The Dodekal D110 is roused by early advanced watches from the 1970s, yet it’s completely mechanical. The time show is really basic, with the hours appeared in an artificial computerized window at the focal point of the dial and the minutes tallied out on a regular roundabout ring around that opening with a hand mounted to a focal plate. The case is the recognizable square MCT case, which here is 43mm on each side and comes in both an all titanium setup and a combination dark titanium and pink gold configuration.

A close-up of the mechanical/advanced hour show on the all titanium D110.

One of the things that makes this new showcase so intriguing however is that it doesn’t change immediately. It really requires 2.5 seconds for the numerals to change, as far as anyone knows making a smooth, wonderful liveliness simultaneously. The trucks that help every numeral components are guided by a roundabout cam to make this conceivable and the development has 62 gems and a 50-hour power save (twisted up consequently by means of a miniature rotor). 

This is one of those watches that is fascinating sufficient at the present time, yet that I’m certain will wind up being far more great once we can see it (and film it) face to face. Fortunately, with Baselworld close to the corner, we will not need to stand by long.

The dark titanium and pink gold Dodekal One D110.

The MCT Dodekal One D110 is a restricted release, with only 25 pieces being made in every one of the titanium and dark titanium/pink gold forms. They’re estimated at 55,000 CHF (roughly $54,450 at season of distributing) and 61,000 CHF (around $60,390), respectively. 

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