Introducing: The Merci LMM-01

Introducing: The Merci LMM-01

LMM-01 comes in two forms: a quartz model, which houses a Ronda 513 development with around a multi month running time between battery changes, and a hand-wound mechanical adaptation, which utilizes an ETA 2801-2 type. The two watches are water impervious to 50 meters, and they’re collected in Switzerland. Cases are 37.5mm in distance across. Estimating has been kept very moderate; the quartz model is €190, while the mechanical model is €365 and Merci plans to make 500 of each.

The configuration, says Merci, was impacted by military watches from the mid-twentieth century and the impact is extremely self-evident; clarity of both the opaline white dial adaptation and the dark dial variant is incredible, with the cleaned step bezel and brushed case obviously a whoop to watches like the IWC Mark XI. The cleaned up dial utilizes a combination of textual styles; Helvetica for the hours, and AT Sacker for the minutes track. 

Helvetica’s set of experiences is notable (it was created in 1957 by Swiss typeface architect Max Miedinger) yet AT Sacker is somewhat more dark except if you’re a typography expert. The name really alludes to a gathering of typefaces created during the 1970s by a writing material etcher named Garrett “Gary” Sacker, and the one utilized in the LMM-01 watch looks like Sacker Gothic, which thusly takes after, circumstantially, a large number of the custom typefaces made for vintage mechanical watches in the pre-quartz era.

One of the more pleasant contacts in the plan is the utilization of bored carries, which make changing out ties a snap (however much I scorn being inflexible about anything identified with watch configuration there’s consistently a piece of me that feels like it should sort of be required to have bored drags on an apparatus watch). There are a wide scope of ties being offered alongside the actual watch, including a two-shading cowhide tie (which is a somewhat cool thought that I’m astonished we don’t see all the more frequently) interlaced nylon, calfskin, “roughout” (bothered) calfskin, denim, and obviously, a NATO-style texture lash as well.

I found the watches exceptionally engaging face to face; there is something in particular about a straightforward, legit, moderate watch for certain idea behind the subtleties, that is amazingly alluring. The quartz form is something that you could wear with no torment just from a plan angle, however the hand-wound model is a genuine treat for mechanical watch lovers; there are extremely, not many straight hand-twisted watches at this value point (indeed, hand-twisted watches from present day brands are something of an imperiled species these days at any value point) and the way that Merci settled on the choice to make this a hand-wound watch the two makes the watch seriously engaging, and imparts a sign about how much idea has gone into making something with enduring appeal.

The Merci LMM-01: case, 37.5mm, brushed and cleaned “step” plan with 50 meter water safe case. Development, Ronda quartz 513 with multi month self-sufficiency or ETA 2801 hand-twisted with 42 hour power save. 30 distinct lashes accessible. Discover more at  or visit Merci at 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris.