Introducing: The New Shop, And An Entirely New Way To Buy And Sell Watches (Plus Lots Of Other Neat Things, Too)

Our absolute first request of HODINKEE Straps show up, I sort them on my bed.

The first bunch of HODINKEE Straps get packaged up on my living room floor.

A few months after the fact, we’d dispatch our absolute first joint effort with the magnificent Drake’s of London , designing two ties each roused by a vintage Rolex Submariner. You adored them. You additionally adored our later ties, pocket squares, sunglasses, music boxes, and other watch adornments that would follow. For this, I am perpetually grateful.

2012’s “5512” tie, HODINKEE’s absolute first collaboration.

At a similar time we were building our online business stage, we rioted and held “Spring Up” shops everywhere on the nation – in New York dating back to 2011, in Chicago, and California too. We even did a spring up shop at Bergdorf Goodman in 2014, selling a portion of the great watches that we truly had faith in to our perusers and allies, offering our own interpretation of every one of them, allowing numerous to approach these watches that they’d not approach in any case. Today, we make things one stride further.

Welcome To The New HODINKEE Shop

Now since we dispatched the HODINKEE Shop four years ago, it’s gone through a progression of facelifts – better usefulness, more extensive range of items. Today, it gets an all out makeover start to finish. We’ve re-designed and re-assembled the whole cycle of shopping for watch lashes and adornments (completely in-house, normally), and extended our offerings to incorporate more than 75 distinctive SKUs of ties. SEVENTY FIVE.

And that does exclude new offerings like Master & Dynamic headphones , the downright legendary Embassy pen (purported, in light of the fact that ambassadors are not permitted to convey weapons into international safe havens, yet this pen can be utilized as such after all other options have been exhausted), these #watchnerd must-have apparatuses , such countless sorts of carrying cases and pockets it’s somewhat senseless , and then some. These will be in the shop moving forward.

Make proper acquaintance With The Strap Finder

The HODINKEE Strap Finder permits you to perceive what your watch will resemble on our ties before you buy them.

Still, the watch tie stays at the center of the HODINKEE Shop. We truly believe that changing a tie can completely change the character of a watch, and I myself have been known to not have any desire to take a gander at a watch with the wrong tie on it. Yet, we realize not every person can glance at a lash and see what it’ll resemble on their watch. To make the shopping experience as simple as could really be expected, we’ve gone ahead and constructed an amazing little instrument called the Strap Finder . What it is an approach to perceive what our ties will resemble on your watch (or a comparative watch) before you get it. We additionally felt free to make a few suggestions about what combines best with our lashes. Look at the gif above – we think you’ll adore it.

Introducing Rare Finds

This image of Paul Newman at Sebring in 1978 was taken by renowned photographer Al Satterwhite and is numbered, and signed by the craftsman. Just 50 exist in the world.

A brand new category of items on the HODINKEE Shop is classified “Uncommon Finds.” These are singular things that we’ve come across in our movements that we feel address our basic beliefs of straightforward, thoughtful design, high-end make, and long-term, lasting worth. These things are basically unique cases as a rule and will incorporate everything from arguably the most excellent and collectible Leica to be made over the most recent five years to marvelous vintage clocks, sunglasses , and different items. One thing we are especially amped up for is the print you see above – which is an image of Mr. Paul Newman taken at Sebring in 1978 by legendary photographer Al Satterwhite. We had the option to get an elite arrangement of prints of this incredible image of Newman in his component, wearing the watch that presently bears his name. Obviously, it’s imprinted on authentic quality paper, with each independently numbered and signed by the photographer himself. When these are gone, they are gone forever.

The Leica 60 was designed by Audi’s design unit and comes up short on a LCD, duplicating the vibe of shooting film.

Here are a couple of a greater amount of the uncommon discovers we’ll be launching with today that we think you’ll simply adore – some phenomenally uncommon tickers from any semblance of Rolex, Universal, Heuer, and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

But we’re not done at this point. We’ll likewise be stocking a little however mind boggling assortment of highly valued yet difficult to track down sunglasses dating as far back as the 1960s. Each and every pair you’ll discover in the HODINKEE Shop is new-old-stock and completely unworn – a large number of them actually come with original packaging. These glasses were made before the time of mega-conglomerates and machine creation, when Persol was an Italian company and Ray-Ban was housed in Rochester, New York.

1980s time Persol 649, warmly known as the original “Steve McQueens,” in new-old-stock condition.

Pininfarina-designed Persols dating to the 1980s.

Rare Persol x Ebel Watch Company outlines dating to the 1980s, unworn.

The pair of glasses we’re generally amped up for are something you likely didn’t know existed – yet once you find out about em, you will not have the option to live without them, specifically in the event that you own a Royal Oak or a Nautilus. Indeed, these are original Gerald Genta designed glasses, complete with original packaging and in brand-new condition .

Original and unworn Gerald Genta designed eye glasses with original packaging.

We will refresh our Rare Finds determinations occasionally, so make certain to return here often.

Introducing Watch Sales On The HODINKEE Shop

Here’s the thing – buying a watch generally sucks. Be that as it may, it doesn’t have to.

Purchasing a vintage watch is, on occasion, a downright excruciating encounter. Vendors that don’t give you the hour of day, closeout houses that don’t give you all the data, and private dealers that just don’t have a clue what they’re selling have become the standard. We know this since we live and breathe vintage watches, and we ourselves have encountered this really commonly. Today, that changes.

Showing You The Bad With The Good

With the HODINKEE Shop, we’re changing the discussion. We’re giving you everything you need to think about a watch to settle on a choice – and to be perfectly honest, significantly more. Why? Since the universe of vintage watches has been stuck in a swap meet attitude for a really long time. Today, the best watches on the planet are slung in rucksacks, across borders – iPhone photographs offered over instant message and Whatsapp to customers with minimal opportunity to see the better focuses or set aside the effort to ask what’s going on with a watch. Costs are covered up, changing depending on who’s asking, with little regard for what the real market cost might be. Basically, every purchaser is all alone, hoping that the merchant has the conventionality to uncover the genuine history of any given timepiece.

How? We’re going to go so a long ways past the thing any dealer is offering it’s not appropriate at all. We’ve fabricated an excellent interface to help high-res images, and we’ve even gone similarly as to mention to you what we don’t love about each watch – on the grounds that there is nothing more terrible than being informed something regarding your watch. We’ll disclose to you everything consistently. Good and Bad. Since, guess what? These watches are old, and it’s OK to have a few things wrong with them – anybody trying to sell you 50 years old watch with nothing wrong with it is selling you something else entirely.

There is nothing of the sort as an ideal 50-year-old watch, and anybody trying to sell you one is selling you something else altogether. It's time to change the narrative.

And this brings me to my next point – the contrast between an accomplished gatherer and a fledgling is an understanding of honesty in a watch. The watches we have decided for the HODINKEE are fit as a fiddle – would they say they are totally mint and unworn? No, yet they’re original, and genuine, and to us, that is undeniably more significant. Indeed, we could bring you laser-welded cases and hands with unobtrusive re-lumes, yet that is not what we have faith in – we trust in old watches that look old, the individuals who have carried on with a fair life. Take, for instance, this amazing 6263 . This awful kid is a completely genuine watch all around – and indeed, it’s missing a lume plot at 3 o’clock – another person would re-apply the lume, yet we didn’t, on the grounds that we know there are individuals out there that esteem originality in excess of a shallow appearance of flawlessness (though, to be perfectly honest, everything else on that 6263 is downright flawless).

Rolex 5513 combined With 1980s Persols 649s, in light of the fact that, why not?

So, we’ll be showing you the good with the terrible on each and every watch sold on the HODINKEE Shop since we need our general surroundings to acknowledge buyers are judicious enough – intelligent enough – to buy watches that are genuine, not simply re-done. Gracious, and keeping in mind that we’re going to offer mega high-res images, there will not be any photograph shopping, ever. Revel in that dust! This is the manner by which a 50-year-old watch ought to look!

High goal images, completely un-altered to show you each one of those scratches and dings!

We’ll be looking for great quality, wonderful style, and obviously, genuine worth that we put stock in. Gracious, and did we notice we’ll be opening up the HODINKEE Shop to you, dear perusers, when you need to sell a watch? Why? Since starting today, selling a watch additionally sucks.

This mint condition Royal Oak Reference 5402SA is accessible in the HODINKEE Shop.

This two-tone GMT-Master with box and papers is accessible in the HODINKEE Shop.

Selling Your Watch On The HODINKEE Shop

Now comes something else. Perhaps the most troublesome things to do in the watch world is selling. Again, you’ll either get low-balled by a vendor, need to hang tight a half year for installment from a sale house, or rundown on a gathering and pray fervently. Here, we’ll be taking restricted however wonderful watches in available to be purchased on the HODINKEE Shop, reviewed, depicted, and promoted completely by us, that will go out to our crowd of around 1,000,000 watch sweethearts from around the world.

Now we’re going to begin gradually, to ensure we do this the right way. So don’t be disturbed in the event that we don’t take your watch on the very first moment. We desire to develop to something that can accommodate a lot larger number of watches, and yet, we’d prefer to keep everything on our shop wonderful, uncommon, and interesting. Subtleties on that here .

The HODINKEE Shop offers the most amazing aspect what you didn’t have any acquaintance with you needed.

OK. Since I’ve exhausted you half to death, visit the HODINKEE Shop right here and view what we’ve found for you. What’s more, make certain to tell us your opinion underneath in the comments. We trust you’ll adore it.