Introducing: The NOMOS Glashütte Zürich Weltzeit Singapore

Introducing: The NOMOS Glashütte Zürich Weltzeit Singapore

There are a couple of characteristics really shared by the two adaptations of the Zürich Weltzeit Singapore. Most importantly, you’ll notice that Singapore is noticeably included on the city ring in red content. It’s in the spot among Bangkok and Tokyo that is involved by Hong Kong on different renditions of the Weltzeit. Also, the little home logo at three o’clock has been supplanted with a red speck, a gesture to Singapore’s epithet, “the little red spot.” This is additionally complemented by a red hand on the running seconds sub-dial at six o’clock. Actually talking, the watches are indistinguishable from their less topographically explicit kin, with 39.9mm cases and in-house type DUW 5201 movements.

But currently on to what exactly makes these two watches unique. First up is the more surprising of the two, which includes a shiny new salmon-hued dial. This is a shade that can be found in vintage watches, particularly those from the 1930s and ’40s, however which doesn’t get a great deal of affection nowadays. It combines pleasantly here with the red accents and alongside NOMOS’s advanced plan it tries not to glance out of date in any capacity. Just 15 pieces will be created with this dial, making it the more restricted of the two pieces here. Each is exclusively numbered “X/15” at the lower part of the caseback too.

Moving to the more recognizable, there is the adaptation with the conventional silver-plated dial. This actually has all the red accents and Singapore on the city ring, yet it has a marginally more calm look in general. There will be 35 absolute pieces in this design, and again they are independently numbered “x/35” on the rear. 

In either shading, the Zürich Weltzeit Singapore retails for 8,560 SGD (roughly $6,350 at season of distributing), making it just marginally more costly than the standard adaptation (which retails for $6,100). The watch is accessible from today, however just at The Hour Glass and Watches of Switzerland areas in Singapore, similarly as you’d expect.

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