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Introducing: The Oris Divers Sixty-Five, A Great Looking, Retro-Diver For Under $2,000 Now With A Blue Dial

The Divers Sixty-Five isn’t really a reason constructed utility piece. It was water impervious to “just” 100 meters (all that anyone could need for sporting work area jumpers). It was a more modest, lighter, device watch with a touch of enthusiasm to it. That enthusiasm comes from the way that it’s a watch that, gladly, does less than its partners. This priggish coolness comes from its strong plan signals; a case plan that stays faithful to that of its ’60s archetype, and a dial plan with openness and intelligibility as a main priority.

This new blue variant is a welcome option in contrast to the exemplary dark dial that overwhelms Oris’ jumpers as well as all watches in this class. The new Divers Sixty-Five highlights a shading scheme that was probably motivated by the up-market French Deauville pattern of the 60s – a scene that I have witnessed uniquely clearly. However, I do know that Connery and Bardot got together in 60s Normandy before Si Don Juan Etait Une Femme, and after a touch of filtering through dark & whites, I reasoned that the territory should truly have motivated a range of hoary blues and quieted oranges.

Indeed, in case we’re talking tones in Normandy, those equivalent hues are the stuff of the bluffs of √Čtretat that Monet and Boudin painted in the century prior to our last. What I’m trying to say is this was a strong shading choice by Oris if Normandy is what they were going for.

Inside the new Oris Divers Sixty-Five beats the automatic Cal. 733, an adjusted Sellita SW200 that beats at 4Hz (28,000bph) for 38 hours. This is a dependable, workhorse of a development that won’t burn up all available resources. It fits impeccably within this watch.

Listed at CHF 1,750, this is a strong contribution for simply above $1,700. The new plan prompts are roused by a rather cool time in which this thin, lively nautical watch might just have had a place.

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