Introducing: The Panerai Lab-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 Days In 49mm, A Lubricant-Free Watch With A 50-Year Guarantee

Introducing: The Panerai Lab-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 Days In 49mm, A Lubricant-Free Watch With A 50-Year Guarantee

This year at SIHH, Panerai has zeroed in on new materials and mechanical advancement for the Lab-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 Days in 49mm. This watch is incredibly actually progressed; there are no oils or fluid ointments of any sort, anyplace in the development, and it comes with a 50-year ensure – indeed, a 50-year guarantee.

So what is this watch and how could it be conceivable? All things considered, the Carbotech case estimates 49mm in breadth however it’s actual light and has a matte completion. The sandwich dial has a covering of carbon nanotubes on the dial, which primarily assimilates all the light that hits it, making it amazingly dark. The dial and hands are lit up with blue Super-LumiNova and since you can’t print on the nanotube-covering, the words “Luminor Panerai” and LAB-ID are printed straightforwardly on the crystal.

About that dial: there’s a material called Vantablack, which has been getting a great deal of inclusion recently. It’s “the blackest substance on earth” and it comprises of a variety of vertically situated carbon nanotubes. Vantablack assimilates as much as 99.965% of the radiation that hits it and we’re contemplating whether Panerai has utilized Vantablack or one of the other accessible carbon nanotube coatings here. We’ll attempt to affirm and tell you (there are other super dark carbon nanotube coatings yet Vantablack can be applied at lower temps, making it simpler to use than other such coatings). Update: Panerai’s educated us that the covering is truth be told not Vantablack, yet rather a carbon nanotube covering given by a Swiss partner).

The most great thing about the Lab-ID notwithstanding, is that there are no customary oils or oils utilized anyplace in the watch, which is the thing that permits Panerai to offer a long term guarantee. The new type P.3001/C has connects and mainplates produced using a tantalum-based earthenware, which contains a high level of carbon making oil of the stuff train turns pointless. Furthermore, the switch and getaway wheel are made of DLC-covered silicon, disposing of the requirement for oil on the break wheel teeth. 

The utilization of tantalum and carbon containing fired likewise implies not exclusively is there no requirement for oils in the stuff train, however there is additionally no requirement for conventional ruby gems. There are just four gems in the watch: the upper gem and cap gem on the upper equilibrium turn, and the relating two on the lower rotate. Typically these gems must be oiled precisely effectively yet the Lab-ID utilizes a surface covering of DLC on the bearing surfaces, taking out the requirement for customary oiling.

Lastly, the fountainhead barrels (there are two) are likewise liberated from conventional oils or oils; all things being equal, Panerai’s utilized a layer of various coatings, including DLC for the top layer. The solitary other thing we wonder about are the keyless works for hand setting and twisting, however from what we can see of the wheels being referred to through the caseback, Panerai appears to have managed without conventional oils or ointments there as well.

So could the watch truly run each day for a very long time with no sort of consideration? We would figure the two potential places that may give you inconvenience over that long a period are simply the previously mentioned keyless works, and the actual fountainheads, however relying upon the origin combinations you may really have the option to pull off it. This isn’t the principal observe at any point to have no fluid ointments – we think about the JLC Extreme LAB of 2007, for example, or the Cartier ID One and ID Two watches, or besides the all plastic Tissot Astrolon from the 1970s. Yet, Panerai’s specialized arrangements are rich and exhaustive, and with a 50-year ensure, it’s remaining behind its technology.

The watch is a restricted version of 50 pieces and retails for €50,000 (around $53,470 at season of distributing). For more information,  visit Panerai on the web .