Introducing: The Patek Philippe 5327, A Brand New Perpetual Calendar Model In A New 39mm Case (Live Pics)

The 5327 offers a comparable case plan to the Calatrava 5227.

First, one should comprehend that the 5327 uses exactly the same development that has existed with Patek perpetuals for 35+ years – type 240Q. So that implies, actually, you’ll have generally a similar development as you’ll find in the 5140 and the 3940 preceding that. With that comes an extraordinary miniature rotor, self-winding type that is very flimsy, and a top choice among numerous purists.

The case, nonetheless, is the thing that makes the 5327, on the grounds that above all else it is huge – 39 mm. For a Patek interminable, this is serious. While I love my 3940 at 36 mm, I have no uncertainty there is genuine interest for a somewhat bigger QP, and 39 mm is indeed what I accept to be an ideal size.

The Patek 5237R with ivory lacquered dial.

This case is likewise drastically unique in relation to those of the 5140 and 3940. It highlights more extensive drags, with a scalloped mid case that is practically indistinguishable from the 2013 delivery 5227 Calatrava . The dial is brushed with Breguet numerals that round out the future clear space pleasantly. It is accessible in yellow and rose gold with ivory lacquered dials on both, and in white gold with a shocking blue sunburst dial.

Notice the scalloped carries present on the 5327

So once more, no far reaching developments here, yet the presentation of a completely new unending schedule reference from Patek is no little thing in the collectible watch world – and we think the 39 mm case in addition to Breguet dials will satisfy many. Evaluating will be $82,784 for J, and $85,052 for G and R. You can peruse more here .