Introducing: The Patek Philippe 5976/1G And The 5711/1P, Two Special Pieces Celebrating The 40th Anniversary Of The Nautilus

Ref. 5976/1G Chronograph In White Gold

The ref. 5976/1G commemoration Nautilus is a larger than usual chronograph in white gold.

The first watch in the assortment is the ref. 5976/1G, a chronograph in white gold. From the start, you may think this watch is an exceptional form of the ref. 5980, and in light of current circumstances: the watches have a similar dial design and are both fueled by the caliber CH 28-520 C. This is a programmed flyback chronograph development with both a section haggle vertical grip, in addition to the date. 

But, this is a totally different watch. The strong white gold case estimates 44mm across the dial gap and a whopping 49.25mm in the event that you incorporate the oval sides of the case. It’s 12.16mm thick, which appears to be appropriate for a watch of this size – unexpectedly, the a lot more modest 5980 is a similar thickness, which means this watch will probably feel more slender due to the extra measurement. The wristband is likewise strong white gold, so you realize this will be a truly heavy watch.

The dial has a great deal going on, with the jewel markers, chronograph registers, and commemoration embossing.

There are two extra things however that set this watch apart: the commemorative embellishing on the dial, and the jewel files. Peculiarly, it’s the jewels in the present circumstance that vibe like the more unobtrusive of the two. Between 10 o’clock and two o’clock, the dial has “1976-40-2016” emblazoned instead of the typical dial edge that would consume that space. The records are an assortment of 10 roll cut precious stones and three princess-cut jewels adding up to approximately .29 ct. 

The 5976/1G is a restricted release of 1,300 pieces with a retail cost of $96,390, and it comes bundled in a vintage-style plug box much the same as the first 1976 Nautilus.

Ref. 5711/1P Time-And-Date In Platinum

The ref. 5711/1P commemoration Nautilus, with a platinum case and precious stone markers.

The ref. 5711/1P is the less complex (and more restricted creation) of the two commemoration watches. Actually talking, it’s a similar 5711 you know and love. It’s 40mm opposite 10 o’clock to four o’clock (44.05mm including the sides of the case), it simply tells the time and the date, and it’s fueled by the type 324 S C. 

What’s new about this watch is that the situation and wristband are strong platinum (!) and the dial has both a commemorative commemoration etching and jewel markers. Not at all like the 5976/1G, the markers are all roll cut precious stones (there are 12 of them) and they absolute .34 ct. Its etching is additionally extraordinary, perusing “40” on the top line and “1976-2016” on the reality. It takes a seat at six o’clock on the dial.

A more intensive gander at the precious stone markers and dial embossing.

In actuality, this is something of a re-presentation. From 2011 to 2015, Patek Philippe made a 5711P, however in incredibly restricted amounts and by application as it were. It’s muddled precisely the number of were made, yet we’re talking simply a modest bunch or thereabouts. This is the first run through this watch is accessible at ordinary retailers and to general clients (and with the jewels and decorating). Like any remaining platinum Patek Philippe watches, there’s a little perfect precious stone (.02 ct) set into the side of the bezel at six o’clock.

The ref. 5711/1P is a restricted version of 700 pieces with a retail value of $113,400, and this watch additionally comes in the vintage-style stopper box (we’re truly amped up for these cases, in the event that you couldn’t tell). 

A few Thoughts…

Later this week, we’ll have a more itemized examination of these looks for you from Ben (obviously), yet until further notice I have a couple of initial introductions I can’t mind my own business.

Overall, there’s a great deal to like about these watches. A clear, current time-and-date Nautilus in platinum is something authorities have been needing for an incredibly, long time, and except if you were sufficiently fortunate to be one of those approved on application, it’s been inconceivable. The jewel records are unobtrusive enough too that you could pull off wearing the 5711/1P much of the time without anybody understanding you’re not wearing a steel sport watch.

Both watches come in the famous stopper box that housed the first Nautilus back in 1976. This may be the coolest thing about these two watches.

The 5976/1G beginnings with an extraordinary thought and an incredible model in the ref. 5980, however it winds up going only excessively far. At 49.25mm across including the sides of the case and 44mm across the dial from 10 o’clock to four o’clock, this watch is enormous. What’s more, in white gold, it likely feels just as large on the wrist as well. Keeping it at the 40.5mm of the 5980 would have made for another magnificent chronograph, yet at this size it’s driving into (if not sitting unequivocally in) for all intents and purposes an unwearable area for most collectors.

Finally, there’s that stamp. Oof. Indeed, these are commemoration watches, and I comprehend Patek needing to make that self-evident, yet this is quite spot on. What’s more, that doesn’t address the way that the stamps are not the equivalent on the two watches and that the “1976-40-2016” stamp doesn’t even truly bode well. That is simply not how dates work. 

Alright, more considerations later this week.

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