Introducing: The Rolex Cellini Moonphase (Live Pics & Pricing)

Introducing: The Rolex Cellini Moonphase (Live Pics & Pricing)

The Cellini brings back the moonphase complication and it’s a major deal.

And, as you’d anticipate from Rolex, this advanced take isn’t “only” a moonphase complication, it’s cosmically exact for a very long time. From various perspectives, this Cellini Moonphase is the legitimate beneficiary of the super references 6062 and 8171, and we were unable to hold on to see it in the metal.

Let’s be straight to the point – since its re-dispatch in 2014, the Cellini has been the sleeper assortment at Rolex. Not that there is anything amiss with Cellini, but rather Rolex’s fantastic instrument watches in the Oyster assortment unquestionably dominate the dressier assortment. Verifiably however, Rolex has offered something reasonable of rich watches, some even super thin watches some time ago. In two uncommon events for the reference 6062 and 8171, Rolex made triple schedules with moonphase. Also, honestly, those pieces will make any sale room go crazy, as they were just delivered for a modest bunch of years in the mid 1950s and are pretty much as uncommon as it gets.

A 1951 reference 6062 in rose gold that pounded for more than $1 million in November 2015.

Therefore, bringing the moonphase back is an obvious sign from Rolex that there’s desire for the Cellini assortment. Yet, it isn’t just a sweet-looking complication, its cycles are supposed to be right for the following 122 years and afterward will just need one day of rectifying. Moreover, the date can be perused on the outside track of the dial, precisely like on the vintage reference 6062 and 8171. Once more, Rolex being Rolex, the programmed development type 3195 is chronometer-ensured and comes with a five-year ensure. As you had just speculated, water-obstruction isn’t the focal point of this watch, and the 39mm rose gold case has a restricted 50-meter waterproofness.

The gap in the veneer dial shows the two extraordinary conditions of the Moon, new moon and full moon.

The white polish dial shows that no cost was saved in sprucing up the Cellini, and the equivalent can be said about the moonphase plate, which has a finish treatment. The lunar cycle is addressed by the new moon (the unfilled silver ring you see at the base) and the full moon (the excellent shooting star circle up top). What’s more, obviously you additionally get the beautiful star field in the middle of the two moons. The dainty, blued hands permit you to peruse the date on the fringe, and the two complications are set by a pusher put working on it at eight o’clock, similar as you can find in the vintage reference 6062 and 8171 (they do have more changes pushers however altogether decency the two of them show a triple schedule, with date and month).

On the wrist, the 39mm Cellini wears extraordinary and looks very elegant.

The new Cellini Moonphase in Everose is valued at $26,750. For additional, visit Rolex on the web .