Introducing: The Singer Track1 Chronograph, Featuring The AgenGraphe Caliber By Jean-Marc Wiederrecht

Introducing: The Singer Track1 Chronograph, Featuring The AgenGraphe Caliber By Jean-Marc Wiederrecht

The Track1 is Singer’s initial move into the watch world.

The Track1 is the aftereffect of a three-path association between Singer organizer Rob Dickinson, watch originator Marco Borraccino, and watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. Dickinson and Borraccino met and at last chose to make a watch together, and Wiederrect was then brought into the venture to contribute his specialized information and genuine watchmaking slashes. Thus, the final result is something that both has certifiable horological allure and shows forceful auto styling at the equivalent time.

We’ll begin with the nuts and bolts. The Track1 has a tonneau-molded case that certainly feels like it’s from the mid 1970s – think an old Autavia or something to that effect. It’s made of titanium to hold the load down and quantifies 43mm across and 15mm thick. The brushed completion stands out pleasantly from the cleaned angles and thin cleaned bezel, adding some definition and shape to the watch. The entire bundle is water impervious to 100 meters and comes on a calfskin rally-style tie with metal eyelets.

The tonneau-molded case has a very 1970s vibe to it, and the brushed and cleaned completes contrast nicely.

But that is the place where anything conventional about this watch closes. The Track1 is just the subsequent watch to utilize the new AgenGraphe type (the other being the Fabergé Visionnaire ), which means it has a focal chronograph show and a fringe time show. Singer’s thinking for this is that a game watch ought to be tied in with satisfying its particular capacity first and on the track what you need most is the chronograph, not the fundamental watch. Sounds adequately sensible, when they put it like that.

The time is shown with two plates and a pointer at six o’clock – here it peruses 10:10.

The fundamental time show utilizes a couple of aluminum plates around the edge of the watch. They pivot clockwise and line up with a marker at six o’clock to show you the time. Thus, in the photograph here, the time is 10:10. The numerals are engraved on the plates and are then loaded up with glowing material so you can peruse the watch in obscurity too. There’s no running seconds system, so don’t get befuddled attempting to search for it.

The halfway mounted hands at that point are the chronograph aggregators – hours, minutes, and seconds – and you read the passed time similarly as you’d anticipate. One thing you’ll see however is that the scale is just graduated 0-60, without 1-12 markings for the hours. This is on the grounds that you can time as long as 60 hours, not the more normal 12. For example, in the photograph at the highest point of this story, the chronograph is showing seven hours, 43 minutes, and 26 seconds. One remarkable oversight is lume on the chronograph hands or registers – given the reason driven nature of this watch it’s somewhat weird that the chrono is pointless in the dark.

The AgenGraphe development is the star here, and this is just the subsequent watch to utilize the new caliber.

Turn the watch over and you get a glance at the insane development that controls this thing. The AgenGraphe required over a time of R&D to come to life, and, as referenced prior, this is just the subsequent watch to utilize Mr. Wiederrecht’s creation. We will not get too into the specialized weeds here (you can c hell out Jack’s story here for a greater amount of that), yet at the very least this is not normal for any chronograph development that is existed previously. The type has a 60-hour power save and is programmed, in addition to the completing is a lot better quality than what you’re presumably used to finding on device watches like this.

In the dull the principle time show illuminates, however the chronograph does not.

This watch makes me have a ton of blended emotions. On one hand, I’m an enormous enthusiast of what Singer does in the car space and it’s ideal to see that group hope to carry their point of view to different items, particularly watches. Singer additionally collaborated with a veritable horological force to be reckoned with in Jean-Marc Weiderrecht and looked to accomplish something intriguing on its own terms. Also, thosely, this watch truly succeeds. 

However, then again, this watch doesn’t have all the earmarks of being close to as cool or excellent as the vehicles that Singer makes. Like, truly, not even in a similar ballpark. The meticulousness additionally doesn’t appear to be on a similar level, however I haven’t seen one in the metal, so I’ll retain a portion of my decisions up to that point. This is one of those watches that, more than all else, makes me go ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

The watch we have here is the “dispatch version” of the Track1, which is restricted to 50 pieces. It is valued at 39,800 CHF (around $41,350 at season of distributing). Case, 43mm x 15mm, in titanium; 10 ATM/100 meters water safe. Development, AgenGraphe chronograph/Singer Reimagined cal. 6361, 34.40mm x 7.18mm; section haggle cam controlled focal chronograph with 60 hour power hold, and moment bouncing hours and minutes. Lash, woven calf cowhide; titanium pin clasp. Look at Singer Vehicle Design online here.