Introducing: The Slim d'Hermès Pocket Vieux Gréement (Live Pics & Pricing)

Introducing: The Slim d'Hermès Pocket Vieux Gréement (Live Pics & Pricing)

The restricted version watch is made of 18k white gold, measures 45mm in width, and is delivered case-first. The expert engraver, Silvain Bettex (presented underneath at an occasion a week ago in New York City) goes through as long as 55 hours on the etching alone, hand pursuing the nautical plan altogether without anyone else. In this specific occasion, he begins with the waves and afterward moves onto the better highlights of the cruising yacht, like the apparatus and the sail. Everything must be done in exact request to make the correct surface and profundity. One mix-up and the whole case would be softened down so Bettex could begin once more. After the etching is completed, the case is plunged in ruthenium, which gives it the dim dark anthracite appearance you see here. 

The Slim d’Hermès Pocket Vieux Gréement has a lavish etching looking into it front cover.

Once the case is completed, the dial is made utilizing the grand feu technique that Hermès is well known for. The white gold dial plate is sprinkled with blue lacquer powder and terminated in an oven a few times at 800 degrees Celsius, which makes the dark blue shading you find in the eventual outcome. ( For additional on the veneer terminating measure, look at this story. ) Topping things off, obviously, is a blue Hermès crocodile string for destroying the watch and about (or for draping it in a rich display).

The dial of the Slim d’Hermès is rich blue amazing feu enamel.

The pocket watch is controlled by the type H1950, which is a similar type utilized in the other Slim d’Hermès watches (counting the polish dial restricted release wristwatch). It’s a programmed development twisted with a miniature rotor that has a 42-hour power hold and “H” designs across the plates and extensions. Uncommon for a pocket watch, this piece has a sapphire back, allowing you to respect the type itself.

A close up of the hand-engraved case, which requires 55 hours to complete.

Sylvain Bettex, ace engraver, at the seat at Hermès in New York.

This unique pocket watch is restricted to only six pieces and retails for $183,400.

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