Introducing: The Swatch Sistem51 Irony Swaps Plastic For Stainless Steel

One of the absolute first involved photographs of the Sistem51, taken at Baselworld 2013.

Not to gloat, however we were the absolute first distribution on the planet to go involved with the Sistem51 , getting a model off a Swatch chief’s wrist at Baselworld 2013. Alright, absolutely gloating. In any case, it’s somewhat difficult to exaggerate exactly how energizing it was in those days to see a goliath company like Swatch put earnestly in mechanical watchmaking and the recommendation that mechanical watches could be a mass-market business. The actual watches are fun (I own one and still wear it routinely), yet it was the thing the Sistem51 said about the state and fate of the watch business that truly mattered.

Since at that point, Swatch has presented new occasional tones, developing the first four watch assortment. Since the dials and developments both component printable surfaces, Swatch can undoubtedly make new plans. Other than restorative changes however, a Sistem51 you’d purchase today is the very same watch as what I initially tied on three and a half years prior. The present declaration of the Sistem51 Irony assortment is the line’s first genuine update.

The six fundamental models of the Sistem51 Irony assortment, without the piece explicitly for women.

The most significant change is the case material: rather than the shaped, some of the time clear plastic, the Irony watches have treated steel cases. The first Sistem51s were obviously oddity or end of the week watches, while these new increments are an unmistakable play at getting clients to think about these as ordinary, office-suitable options.

Other than the steel cases (counting one two-tone choice for certain rose gold–shaded accents), there are likewise a lot of new dial choices that all the more intently take after customary watch plans. The vast majority of them are quite attractive as well, save the abnormal Illuminati-looking number with mismatching lines and an abundance of numerals. Specifically, the two-tone silver dial and the conventional pilot’s dial grabbed my attention right away. In case you’re a vintage sweetheart searching for another mixer, these might do the trick.

The Sistem51 development can be printed with practically any plan during assembling, so various models can have totally different looks.

To be straightforward, I have blended emotions about the possibility of a steel Sistem51. Without a doubt, there are times you don’t need a plastic ticker lashed to your wrist, however there was something in particular about the straightforward, nitty gritty development that grounded the Sistem51 for me. It’s additionally a bummer that the Sistem51 Irony observes all utilization Swatch’s exclusive carry framework (four drags on the watch, three tangs on the lash), which means you can’t utilize any outsider ties. Considering the calfskin choices on these watches don’t look incredible, that could be a major issue. Of course, there’s the steel wristband, however that is pretty limiting.

My sense is that piece of the Sistem51’s appeal will be a little lost when spruced up in a metal case, yet I’ll hold the last decision until I can see one in the metal (it feels pleasant not to say “in the plastic” here). In any event, I’m eager to see Swatch developing and advancing the Sistem51 stage and I’m anticipating seeing more emphasess throughout the long term. We’ll have more for you on this soon.

It’s a touch of disappointing (yet to be expected) that the Sistem51 Irony can just acknowledge restrictive Swatch ties and bracelets.

The Sistem51 Irony assortment will go marked down in the United States on September 9, with costs going from $195 for the watches on ties to $235 for the two-tone model with a wristband. For more data, visit Swatch on the web .