Introducing: The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45, The Company's First 'Swiss Made' Smartwatch

Introducing: The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45, The Company's First 'Swiss Made' Smartwatch

The company’s first smartwatch, the aptly-named Connected , was launched a little over a year ago and was fueled Intel hardware and Google’s Android Wear operating system. The American tech giants have indeed lent their support to TAG Heuer, but this time, the final steps in the assembly of the electronic module takes place in TAG Heuer’s workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds, where it is also inspected and cased.

The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is the most customizable smartwatch on the market.

Because over 60% of the manufacturing costs of the watch are presently caused in Switzerland, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 can get the official “Swiss Made” label. The guidelines for this designation recently changed – as noted here, in the context of the now-infamous “cheddar watch” – and TAG Heuer meets all the requirements.

The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 isn’t just another smartwatch, but also a totally new concept from TAG Heuer. The watch will actually want to host both digital and mechanical modules that attach to the watch’s carries. Clients can therefore switch from wearing a smartwatch to a mechanical one seamlessly. Both modules will be the same size, 45mm, which is about 1mm smaller than the original Connected. The electronic module has gotten quite a couple of upgrades too. The watch is by and by fueled by an Intel Atom processor Z34XX arrangement – Intel accepts its compact structure and energy productivity is unmatched at this point – but this time it operates on Android Wear 2.0. That alone is a major deal,  as we told you just yesterday .

A new assembly line dedicated entirely to the new request to Connected Modular 45 was created in TAG Heuer’s workshop.

The second installment of Google’s operating system dedicated to wearables enables clients to run standalone apps without the requirement for a smartphone nearby. Clients will actually want to connect their watches to the internet via wi-fi and cellular networks too. It also introduces support for Android Pay, enabling contactless payments. It’s worth noting that the original Connected will get a software update to Android Wear 2.0 too.

The final inspection of the electronic module takes place in Switzerland.

Another major feature is the customizability of the watch’s face. TAG Heuer is releasing the TAG Heuer Studio, a watch face configurator that enables proprietors to customize their watch by picking from 30 different faces, and giving them the option of adding and eliminating explicit features, for example, the SuperLuminova effect on the hands and changing the shades of explicit details. You’ve probably noticed that customization is a theme here, and it just gets more required from here.

The components of the watch are easily interchangeable, including the central module itself.

The large news for ladies and gentlemen who are into their mechanical watches is that TAG Heuer’s latest watch is modular, meaning the base will actually want to host both digital and mechanical modules. The original Connected was offered as a set of discrete references, each of which was an independent unit. It could also be traded in for a mechanical Carrera for a $1,500 premium when the wearer was finished. This modular construction is the next step in TAG Heuer trying to tackle the issue of smartwatches becoming obsolete after a time.

Users can personalize their watch with new bracelets, hauls and clasps, and even replace the electronic module with a mechanical caliber.

TAG Heuer is kicking things off with two compatible mechanical modules, but we were told that more will follow. Right now you can get the Caliber 5, with a time-and-date automatic movement, and the Caliber 02T, the company’s entry-level tourbillon. They represent opposite closures of complexity in terms of TAG Heuer’s current caliber production and are a pleasant start for this new program.

The time-and-date Caliber 5 module.

There’s also the option for a tourbillon at the top of the range.

The hauls, straps, and clasps are also interchangeable and will be sold as additional accessories. We don’t yet have a complete overview of the contributions, but in total TAG Heuer is promising up to 4,000 special configurations for the Connected Modular 45, letting wearers make their watches feel more personal. 

Not all of the watches will be basic titanium editions.

The watch will hit TAG Heuer stores as of today, and will be available from $1,650. Eleven standard models will be available, but up to 56 references will be available on demand, including titanium, ceramic, and gold-plated components. The chronograph Heuer-02T tourbillon mechanical module is at the top of the range and will be offered in a select box set that incorporates a connected module and an additional black elastic strap, all for $17,000.

For more information, visit TAG Heuer on the web .