Introducing: The Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41 (Live Pics & Pricing)

Introducing: The Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41 (Live Pics & Pricing)

The Black Bay 36 close to the new the Black Bay 41.

Why did Tudor make a 41mm form of the Black Bay 36? The BB36 unmistakably has a ton of fans , the two people, however I’m speculating some idea the size was excessively little for their wrist (I’d prefer to add, for the record, that this is not my closely-held conviction). Whatever the explanation, Tudor discloses to us that a bigger Black 36 was exceptionally mentioned. Furthermore, kid did Tudor convey.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41 is unquestionably on the huge side, yet it is likewise decent and slim.

While the case is bigger, it’s been smoothed out to keep a thin profile. Thus, while it’s much greater than the Black Bay 36, the 41 is still exceptionally rich. It’s very substantially more flexible than other Black Bays of this size, and keeping in mind that I wonder whether or not to say it can be mistaken for a dress watch, it can positively be worn with some prudence.

We were trusting the following Black Bay would include another in-house development, however we’ll need to stand by some time longer. Up to that point, it’s as yet the always solid programmed ETA 2824, with its 38-hour power hold that controls the watch.

Tudor will offer the watch on a bracelet.

Or on a tie. The two references will come with a complimentary texture tie.

The Black Bay 41 will be delivered with three tie alternatives (similar ones Tudor gave us with when the Black Bay 36 came out). So you can wear the watch on a tightening arm band or on a cowhide strap. Pricing for BB41 is $2,625 on the calfskin tie and $2,950 on the wristband. A complimentary dim cover NATO tie will be tossed in with one or the other model for great measure. 

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