Introducing: The Unimatic 2017 Collection (Exclusive)

Introducing: The Unimatic 2017 Collection (Exclusive)

For the current year’s restricted creation run, Unimatic decided to make more varieties of its watches, and a greater amount of them. They likewise carefully decided to not change a lot of their triumphant plan recipe — unmistakable, military-styled dials, rakish cases, and the wide matte bezel plan on the jumper. But this year, some new dial tones, bezel varieties, and DLC black cases debut. We should break down the new watches.

Unimatic U1-D

Unimatic U1-DN

First up, suitably, the Uno. The U1-D and U1-DN (N representing nero, Italian for “black”) are generally like a year ago’s Modello Uno, but they get rid of the yellow-colored markers and hands and fake overlaid lettering and moment track for fresh white. But the two biggest contrasts are the expansion of a date window at six o’clock and divisions on the uni-directional plunge bezel, with a thin text style and moment hashes in general. The U1-D and U1-DN are indistinguishable aside from the case and bezel of the last mentioned, which are DLC black, just as the equipment on the gave lashes—nylon NATO-style and rubber. Estimating for these are €485 for the U1-D (around $525 at season of publishing) and €585 for the black form (roughly $635). There will be 600 pieces and 300 pieces for these models, respectively.

Unimatic U1-DW

Unimatic U1-DWN

Next up, the U1-DW and U1-DWN, which again sport a similar case as the old Uno, and its clean plain bezel with just a zero marker pip, but trade the black dial for white, with the markers encompassed by bold black rings. The white dial forms don’t have a date window and following the naming show—you got it—the U1-DWN has a DLC black case. These watches come with nylon and cowhide lashes. Evaluating is €525 (roughly $570) and €625 (around $680), and these are restricted to 200 and 150 pieces, respectively.

Unimatic U1-DZ

Unimatic U1-DZN

The last new emphasess of the Modello Uno are the U1-DZ and U1-DZN, which are striking because of their unique shading decision—olive drab with white markers on the dial and bezel. The DZN has the DLC treatment for a black case and bezel, which gives a fascinating differentiation the olive dial and bezel embed shading. The bezel of this watch trades passed time markings for a 12-hour scale for a modest and simple approach to follow a subsequent time region. Extra moment markings and a zero pip permit it to in any case be helpful for timing a jump or whatever else that keeps going as long as 60 minutes. One other, marginally abnormal, expansion is the phrasing, “Armed force Navigator Diver,” on the dial, between the profundity rating and the “Made in Italy.” These watches come bundled with nylon and rubber ties and are evaluated at €485 and €585 (around $525 and $635), separately, and are restricted to 400 and 200 pieces.

Technically talking, all the Modello Unos stay 40mm across the 316L steel case, with sapphire precious stones, C1 SuperLuminova lume, and self-winding Seiko NH35A developments in the engine. Water obstruction is an entirely sufficient 300 meters. The caseback is as yet strong and screw-down, with a decent etching of an astute estimation change tool.

Unimatic U2B

Moving on to the Modello Due, Unimatic’s interpretation of a field watch, not as much has changed. Still present is the 40mm steel case with penetrated hauls, high domed sapphire gem, and the curiously large screw-in crown. The screw-in caseback is engraved with a variety of military hand signals befitting a field watch. For 2017, there are just two restricted choices for the Due, both with black dials. The U2-B is like a year ago’s but the dial markings have been made bolder with bigger Arabic numerals and hashes and a triangle at 12 while the U2-BN is the equivalent but subs a DLC black case for the brushed steel of the U2-B. Both watches come with a rubber and a two-piece material tie and boast a similar 300-meter water obstruction as the Uno jumpers. The Modello Due additionally utilizes the Seiko NH35A development without a date window. The U2B is restricted to 400 pieces at a cost of €385 (around $420) while the DLC adaptation is €485 (approxiately $525) for its 250 pieces.

Unimatic U2BN

Perhaps perceiving the allure of restricted release watches, Unimatic this year is likewise offering the full assortment as a set to the individuals who need the buy them all. Bundled in a watertight Pelican-style cushioned case, the entire unit costs €4,200 (around $4,565). What’s more, at last, on the off chance that you need a specific number in the restricted runs of any of the watches, you can demand it straightforwardly on Unimatic’s website – first come, first served, of course. 

As a speedy recap, here’s a gander at the entire assortment and the number of bits of each will be made:

The full 2017 Unimatic collection.

So the writing is on the wall, all the new contributions from Unimatic. They dispatch today on the Unimatic website , where you can get all the information (and buy). This time around, on the off chance that they all rat, don’t say we didn’t give you enough notice.

Editor’s Note: The Unimatic website as of now is by all accounts down because of high traffic volume. It ought to be reestablished right away – attempt the connections above later for better results.