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Introducing: The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Ultra-Thin Perpetual Calendar

Vacheron Constantin is exhibiting updates and increases to its Overseas line this year, thus far we’ve seen new case shapes, new models (counting one of our top picks, the Overseas Ultra Thin ) and here we have another never-ending schedule in the Overseas line also. This isn’t the first occasion when that Vacheron has done an unending schedule in the Overseas line – in earlier years, we’ve seen (for example) an Overseas Perpetual Calendar Chronograph . Be that as it may, this new model is an independent interminable schedule, and the creation of an exceptionally slight, exquisite never-ending schedule in the Overseas line appears part of a move generally in the abroad assortment towards the rich side of sports/exquisite watchmaking – and a welcome one.

Well for one, it is anything but a chronograph. Simply a “regular” unending schedule. The watch utilizes a type 1120 QP development which is very flimsy (4.05 mm) and shouldn’t be changed until 2100. Albeit the module of this development was created in-house, the development was not made in-house. The record dim dial shows the time day, month, date, and moon stages. The watch comes in a 41.5 mm white-gold case with arm band, cowhide lash, or elastic strap.

The general subject of particularity and customization that portrays the new abroad models proceeds here, utilizing the tradable lash framework Vacheron created and presented in the 2016 Overseas models. We have a wristband, cowhide tie, or elastic tie; both case and arm band are in 18k white gold. There’s a delicate iron inward ring, to give assurance against magnetic fields, and obvious through the caseback is VC type 1120 (“QP” representing quantième perpétuel, the French for ceaseless schedule). This is a very dainty development, as you may know; the base type was at its presentation in the last part of the 1960s the most slender full-rotor self-twisting development on the planet, and strikingly enough, it actually is. The expansion of an in-house created interminable schedule module leaves us with a development just 4.05mm thick, and the watch in general is 41.5mm x 8.1mm – conveying the Hallmark of Geneva (otherwise called the Geneva Seal) as well.

It’s a flexible, rich, and extremely modern unending schedule, with barely a sufficient trace of familiarity to be significantly more appropriate for every day wear than many, perhaps most, other interminable schedules. For more data on the Overseas assortment, look at the Vacheron Constantin site here . Cost is $91,400.

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