Introducing: The (Very Large) Girard-Perregaux Laureato Collection, From 34mm Quartz To 45mm Tourbillon

Introducing: The (Very Large) Girard-Perregaux Laureato Collection, From 34mm Quartz To 45mm Tourbillon

The Laureato Tourbillon

Perhaps the most unforeseen, and absolutely the most un-easygoing watch in the assortment, is the 45mm tourbillon Laureato, which is fueled by a programmed miniature rotor development, the type GP09510. The watch comes in a two-tone case produced using titanium and rose gold or white gold – the valuable metal is utilized for the bezel, crown, and end-joins, in addition to a couple of accents on the dial. The tourbillon is put at six o’clock and its larger than usual scaffold interfaces with two bolt molded finishes, regarding the Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges, the company’s most notable pocket watch and the motivation behind most of its very good quality timepieces. 

$93,700 (rose gold), $98,400 (white gold)

The Laureato 42mm

The assortment’s new hero model is the 42mm tempered steel Laureato, which comes in a marginally bigger case than a year ago’s 41mm model. It additionally welcomes another development in the programmed type GP01800. All the more critically, the new model comes with a considerable value drop, from $14,300 to $11,000, giving a sound portion of competition to the Piaget Polo S and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ref. 15400 regarding evaluating. Girard-Perregaux appears to be positive about the new size and is now offering three dial adaptations of the new watch, in addition to a two-tone titanium and rose gold model.

$10,300 (steel, tie), $11,000 (steel, arm band), $15,200 (two-tone, lash), $22,600 (two-tone, bracelet)

The Laureato 38mm

The size of the Laureato isn’t simply going one way. Girard-Perregaux has likewise added an unbiased 38mm model, this time controlled by the development we found in a year ago’s restricted version, type GP03300. This present one’s somewhat of a secret to me. Why present two new sizes, at far edges of the range, which requires expanding the creation of two separate developments, when you can discover a totally fine compromise some place in the center? Also that last’s year 41mm Laureato was a basic hit, the solitary complaint being its cost, not its size. All things considered, the 38mm is a truly decent size and I’m certain a ton of people will adore it.

From $9,700 (steel, lash) to $34,300 (rose gold, bracelet)

The Laureato 34

A quartz form obviously pointed towards ladies has additionally been added to the new assortment. This isn’t at all astonishing, and, indeed, the Laureato was initially a quartz-based chronometer when it was delivered in 1975. The Laureato 34 is a more modest and more slender option in contrast to the standard Laureato (7.75mm versus 10.88mm). The entirety of the models yet one come with a jewel studded bezel, and that is the generally conspicuous two-tone model with a bracelet.

From $8,800 (steel, lash, jewels) to $31,000 (rose gold, arm band, diamonds)

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