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Jaeger LeCoultre Launches The Record Challenging Master Ultra-Thin Squelette Collection

Several sharp peered toward perusers got on this when the public statement went out, despite the fact that Jaeger LeCoultre is diligently trying not to make any world-record claims – however for comparison, we note that the Piaget Ultra-Thin 900P is by and large 3.65 mm in stature, the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Jubilee (2014) is 4.05 mm in tallness, and the Vacheron Constantin Les Historiques 1955 is 4.13 mm in tallness (it is worth taking note of that the last uses the VC type 1003, which is 1.64 mm thick instead of 1.85 mm thick for the JLC 849SQ).

There are a sum of four references in the new assortment – two grand feu enamel designed models, in white or pink gold, and two pearl set models, both in 38 mm – the jewel set models are marginally taller, at 4.7 mm. The development of the watch is worth a more intensive look; we haven’t seen one face to face (yet) however the development looks as though it’s on a similar plane, or practically on a similar plane, as the dial; the development seems to be fundamentally held set up by the dial as opposed to encased in the ordinary sense.

If you’re truly wondering about records, it’s likely worth recalling that the distinction between the Piaget 900P (by the numbers) and the JLC MUT SQ (by the numbers) is a whopping 0.05 mm. That is 50 microns, people – the littlest human red platelets are around 5 microns, so envision 10 of those laid next to each other and you’ll have a feeling of the genuine size distinction (as such, presumably imperceptible, albeit perhaps not – there’s an examination that recommends the human finger can feel nanometer level edges, on the off chance that you want to go down that bunny opening ).

Regardless, we’re anticipating seeing this watch face to face in the months ahead, and meanwhile, the world of watch sweethearts by and large, and those following the super meager watch wars specifically, have a new and pretty darned perfect competitor loping in the lists.

Master UT 1907 SQ pink gold, diamond Set $72,500

Master UT 1907 SQ pink gold, $58,500

Master UT 1907 SQ white gold, jewel set, $75,000

Master UT 1907 SQ white gold, $61,000

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