John Mayer On Watches: John Mayer Talks Original IWC Big Pilot, The New Big Pilot Collection, And The Infamous Letter (VIDEO)

John’s relationship with IWC is long and celebrated. An IWC Big Pilot was one of his first very good quality watches, and the one that most would connect with him in the soonest part of his vocation. He wore one in front of an audience for quite a long time, his stage name to the visit supervisors was even “Large Pilot” – heck, when he won his first Grammy, he praised it with an IWC. 

I would dare to say that without IWC, John wouldn’t be a watch authority by any means. The brand made ready for him to get into vintage Rolex, and ultimately complicated Pateks. John Mayer and IWC are connected, however there is no proper relationship, no companion of-the-brand status that IWC adored such a great amount for such a long time – nothing, truly. John just purchased IWC watches since he loved them.

But likewise with any relationship, there are ups and there are downs. Also, around two years prior, John composed what we thought was actually a fan letter to IWC that we distributed here on HODINKEE – written in the way you may take when telling your closest companion that he’s wedding some unacceptable young lady. You kinda know nothing you say will transform him, yet you need to advise him at any rate – on the grounds that you love him that much. There was a comments-driven brouhaha around it, since, you know, this is the #internet, and the world moved on.

And then IWC replied back. Not exactly seven days  after we ran the letter, they dropped an amazing physically twisted Portuguese . At that point this year, they created some awesome restricted version Big Pilots , and upgraded (and totally nailed) their entrance level pilots watches – the Mark XVIII and 36 mm Pilots watch – both valued under $4,000, for sure. While IWC may have immediately given an answer to John’s letter here on HODINKEE, these watches were the genuine answer. Which carries us to the present time, and John is, once more, without precedent for some time, wearing an IWC – not on the grounds that they pay him to, but since he needs to – the relationship, after all that its experienced, proceeds on similarly as it should.

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Video/photographs: Will Holloway


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