Just Because: A Piece Unique 44mm Stainless Steel Vingt-8 From Kari Voutilainen

Just Because: A Piece Unique 44mm Stainless Steel Vingt-8 From Kari Voutilainen

Most of Kari Voutilainen’s watches are custom orders. His little group of less than two dozen individuals makes pretty much 30 watches each year. As of late, an actually bigger client with greater wrists needed to arrange something that he felt fit his edge better. In this way, rather than requesting a watch in the standard 39mm Vingt-8 case, he selected a similar plan, simply in 44mm. Kari disclosed to me this isn’t the first run through he’s finished something like this, however it’s incredibly uncommon.

The 44mm steel watch on the left and a 39mm Voutilainen on the right.

The special piece is additionally made of treated steel, adding to the extraordinariness factor – Kari makes not very many watches not in valuable metals, including this titanium Vingt-8 we showed you half a month prior. The client selected a lovely conventional Voutilainen dial style, with numerals at 12, three, and six, combination blue and steel hands, and numerous guilloché designs on a dim ground.

On its own, the watch looks enormous, however when you place it close to one Kari’s more normal watches, with the standard 39mm case, it looks totally huge. Critically, all the dial, hand, and case extents have been appropriately scaled up, so you don’t wind up with a wonky enormous case secured by little drags or a dial with a gigantic void space in the center.

The development is a similar Caliber 28 you’d find in an ordinary Vingt-8, just larger.

One of Kari’s marks is the enormous dark cleaned balance connect looming over the common escapement.

You’re presumably considering what the rear of this watch resembles. You’re additionally likely expecting a huge bezel around a little sapphire window showing the standard type 28 development in the middle. In any case, that is not the manner in which Kari gets things done. For this watch he made another adaptation of his type 28 that is precisely indistinguishable, simply bigger. The extents are kept in politeness on the rear of the watch just as on the front. This is likewise how the little seconds register can remain in a proper situation on the dial, rather than being smushed to the middle like you’d find if the development were too small.

On it’s own, this watch doesn’t watch too strange in light of the fact that all the extents of the Vingt-8 are intact.

This watch is a decent token of what can happen when a watchmaker is available to accomplishing genuinely custom work. Everybody realizes that Kari will do custom dials, however he can do a whole lot more than that on the off chance that you inquire. Hopefully I will see another of his more unusual manifestations soon.

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