Kari Voutilainen Is Now Making Smartphones (And It Makes Me Want To Cry)

Kari Voutilainen Is Now Making Smartphones (And It Makes Me Want To Cry)

A Voutilainen watch close to one of these telephones. There’s no comparison at all.

The costs for the telephones territory from around $2,925 to $4,400. For that, you’re getting a Chinese-made telephone running a years of age variant of Android with a wide range of skins and other programming based on top of it. On the off chance that you can show me that utilizing these telephones is anything shy of a hopeless encounter, I’ll eat one. Furthermore, gracious no doubt, they’re hideous.

I’m not a devotee of the blinged-out telephone thing when all is said in done. Indeed, even Vertu, which makes totally decent equipment, experiences janky programming and the “how could this be in reality any better than an iPhone or the most recent Galaxy” issue. I’ve never really seen a 8848 telephone face to face (they’re just accessible in China), however I’m almost certain I don’t need to. I’ve gotten the opportunity to utilize different “extravagance” telephones throughout the long term and I’m yet to discover one that hasn’t left me pining for my more normal handset. 

Kari presenting with the new phone.

But these are especially awful. I’m a gigantic devotee of Kari Voutilainen’s watches. Like, huge. At the point when you combine the serious level of development completing, the specialized advancements, and the extraordinary dial completing and styling, I think Kari is making the absolute most compelling watches on the planet. I try to arrange one of my own sometime in the future. Simply take a gander at these beauties.

Now glance back at the telephone. I trust you’re pretty much as disillusioned as I am. I realize bills need to get paid, PR must be done, new clients need to be reached, and so on, however it is extremely unlikely for me to excuse this as something besides a money snatch that spoils a generally unfathomable brand. I’ve had the delight of meeting Kari various occasions and need to assume the best about him here, however I’m coming up clear. This is excessively weak. No two different ways about it.

I actually seek to claim a Voutilainen sometime in the not so distant future. Yet, in case we’re by and large absolutely fair, the present one day I’m happy I don’t claim one already.