Kari Voutilainen Thinks This Young Watchmaker Is Cool, And You Should Too: Rexhep Rexhepi's AkriviA Tourbillon

Kari Voutilainen Thinks This Young Watchmaker Is Cool, And You Should Too: Rexhep Rexhepi's AkriviA Tourbillon

A few weeks prior I got an official statement about a new watch from AkriviA, the Tourbillon Hour Minute. While this watch is truly noteworthy and fascinating, the public statement was most certainly not. Rather than attempting to repeat the official statement, I interviewed Rexhep Rexhepi over email. My objective was to get familiar with a touch more about his experience, and where the brand is going. We got some extraordinary workshop photography too, that I trust you enjoy.

Although Mr. Rexhepi’s first language isn’t English, he communicated with incredible accuracy. Minor syntactic alters have been made for clarity.

When you were a disciple at Patek Philippe, what were you working on?

One of the best things during the Patek Philippe apprenticeship is that you get the opportunity to stop at each primary workshop, thus you can see and become familiar with the whole watchmaking measure. The point of that strategy is to assist the disciple with becoming as free and profitable they can be. On account of that the student becomes aware of all the watchmaking cycle and following three years can gather without anyone else a whole watch. I recall that my best experience was in the quality control when I found interestingly the tourbillon 10 days power save – at that point I knew I would make my own tourbillon.

How did you make the progress from Patek Philippe to AkriviA? Accomplished you work anywhere in between?

I always have been trying to advance and expand my knowledge, so after Patek Philippe I went to BNB Concept where I got the opportunity to be answerable for a complication workshop overseeing in excess of 10 people. After that I was employed as a watchmaker for François-Paul Journe . I worked on various models such as Les Resonances, Octa and family, and Chronograph Souverain. At that point I worked as a chime prototypist lastly in 2012 I chose to make AkriviA and to concentrate completely in my own approach of the watchmaking.

What does a chime prototypist do? Tuning of the gongs in a repeater for the best sound?

As a chime prototypist I used to work on moment repeaters more often than not. I got all the components and in any case my job was to collect the whole type. After that I needed to improve all the capacities however most especially the chime. My central goal was to acquire the absolute best stable as could be expected. In this way, obviously I needed to work on the gongs tuning yet additionally on others components that have an effect on the chime, such as spring strength or spring adaptability. Actually I favor when springs are graceful and work delicately. Also, to wrap things up I worked on setting all the complications together – I attempted to get the best dependability of the movement.

What parts do you make in-house versus re-appropriated?

For the prototyping stage I attempt to fabricate all the components in-house. The current creation is somewhat extraordinary, and a large number are produced outside. Otherwise it would be extravagant to do. At that point all means, such as completing, get together, packaging, and setting, are made in-house just as dials and a portion of the hands.

Could you be somewhat more explicit? Our perusers are extremely intrigued to gain proficiency with the specific parts that are made in-house versus outsourced.

Components made in-house for the upcoming Tourbillon Jump Hour Chime:

Dials , hands , outline upper scaffold (pont supérieur de pen), springs, winding-mechanism spring (resorts de remontoir), click/pawl , gong, hammer, hammer spring, switch click (cliquet de grande bascule), hairspring – stud holder (porte piton), level hairspring-stud (plat contre piton), outline upper (hatchet de enclosure supérieure), outline column (pilier de confine) and a few cams. The components made in-house could increment if the provider can’t accomplish acceptable work or if he’s not ready to do it on schedule. The remainder of the components are re-appropriated in Switzerland, I can even say in Geneva, for cost reasons.

For the AkriviA Tourbillon Hour Minute, what is the dial material? Is it dark cleaned steel? It seems like such a major piece of steel would be extremely hard to dark clean. What amount of time does it require for you to complete each dial?

The dial is made in steel and the treatment is called matte-clean. It isn’t dark clean, however the trouble stays as before. I can even say that is more hard to acquire something homogeneous, this is the motivation behind why it requires a whole day to get a decent result.

Do you have any retail locations in North America?

I don’t have purpose of deals in North America yet, however I began to work on that this year during Baselworld. As of not long ago I was concentrated selling straightforwardly without any retailers however from the start of this current year things are changing. I have set up contact for certain significant sellers and now I need to see the development of the situation.

What do you like? Selling straightforwardly, or having retailers? Perhaps a blend of both is good?

As blend of both is acceptable. You know, the thing I like in what I’m doing is to have the option to share my enthusiasm and that is by and large what I do when I sell straightforwardly to individuals. I’m quite youthful yet I feel truly near ageless qualities such as family. When somebody gets one of my watches that individual becomes part of the AkriviA family.

What is available for the fate of AkriviA?

I have a lot of ventures going on and significantly more in my psyche. What I can advise you is that we will launch before very long the Tourbillon Jump Hour Chime. I’m additionally working on a type, made in house too, demonstrating hours, minutes, and seconds with costs that will be much more accessible.

The AkriviA Tourbillon Hour Minute is valued at 99,000 CHF.

For more information on AkriviA, check out their website . Additionally, make certain to follow both AkriviA and Rexhep Rexhepi on Instagram.