Last Night Michael Phelps Won His 21st Gold Medal – This Is How Omega Timed The Race

Michael Phelps swimming the butterfly, his best occasion. (Photograph: AP/Matt Slocum)

Phelps has been an installation on the scene since 2000, when he was a simple 15 year old youngster. He later won his initial six gold awards at the 2004 Olympic games in Athens and has fundamentally been stopped at the highest point of the victors’ platform from that point onward. This year, he is more grounded (and more slender?) than any time in recent memory, getting three gold decorations accordingly far,  bringing his gold award absolute to an incredible 21 . Indeed. Twenty. One. Gold. Awards. What did you do this week?

An official Olympic swimming square is surprisingly complex. (Photograph Courtesy Omega)

You are most likely thinking about how Omega integrates with this. Omega has been the authority watch of the Olympics since 1932, and has consistently been on top of things with regards to innovation and exactness. So how precisely did they time the 200m Butterfly that Phelps squashed in 1:53:36? 

The jumping blocks are stacked with sensors on the back hassock, which measure the swimmers’ response times. There are incorporated amplifiers on every one of the squares that radiate the beginning sign at the same time – that truly short “eee” sound you are presumably used to at this point if what authoritatively connotes the beginning of the race. 

High-speed camera that takes 100 images each second. (Photograph Courtesy Omega)

After the swimmers complete the 100 m, 200 m, or whatever race they are attempting to win, they just need to contact the divider to stop their time, as the pool divider is likewise stacked with sensors. These sensors react to a power of simply 1.5-2.5 kg, so even a light touch will trigger them. Moreover, there are high velocity cameras (like the one you find in the image over), that take 100 images each second and send those images to the watches in the control room, simply in the event that a strict near tie is necessary.

So the writing is on the wall, that is the manner by which Omega formally coordinated Phelps’ triumph swim the previous evening. Honestly, Omega’s job in the Olympics is quite mind boggling and adds a component of profundity to the company that relatively few individuals think about or truly comprehend. This aspect of the brand has close to nothing or nothing to do with wristwatches or anything you’ll at any point find in an Omega store – it’s about thorough, logical timekeeping at the edge of what we can do innovatively. The more you know. 

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