Letter From The Editor: Is Merging With Watchville To Bring You A Whole New Level Of Watch Awesomeness

Letter From The Editor:  Is Merging With Watchville To Bring You A Whole New Level Of Watch Awesomeness

So what’s the significance here? It implies that now, like never before, the HODINKEE voice and message, one that urges more individuals to adore and investigate mechanical watches, will be more predominant, all over. It implies that we’ll have the a-list innovation group that constructed Watchville – which, I figure we would all be able to concur is wonderful – working with us. Alongside group comes Mr. Kevin Rose, who a considerable lot of us here on the interwebs know from his Digg days, however the man is additionally a-list financial backer and 10,000 foot view mastermind. What’s more, that is the reason Kevin is moving to New York, to chip away at HODINKEE all day as our CEO.

So shouldn’t something be said about me? I’m not going anyplace. Since that we have apparently the best watch writer set up as HODINKEE’s overseeing editorial manager, and a top notch business visionary set up as CEO, this will permit me to venture back and do the two things that I love the most – that shockingly I haven’t had a lot of time to do as of late: compose, and consider what undertakings would best serve watch darlings everywhere on the world. Expect big things.

Now, since I know large numbers of you feel firmly associated with HODINKEE, I need to impart to you a tad of foundation too in light of the fact that I’m frequently requested how the business from HODINKEE functions. HODINKEE and Watchville are converging to make one company, HODINKEE, Inc. HODINKEE. Inc. has then gotten an extra $3.6 million in subsidizing (it is anything but a mystery – it’s distributed here ). This cash comes from some totally astounding accomplices, including True Ventures, Google Ventures, Twitter’s Evan Williams, Basecamp’s Jason Fried, and Mr. John Mayer. We all will presently cooperate to carry more watch data to more individuals, with the objective of engaging the customer first and foremost.

I couldn’t be more amped up for what the fate of HODINKEE holds, and I trust you are too.

Oh, and make certain to give Kevin’s post about the consolidation a read here . He’s getting across the country!