Letter From The Editor: Understanding 's Editorial Policy

rolex@rolexdaydateprices.com/HODINKEE/”rolex@rolexdaydateprices.com”rolex@rolexdaydateprices.com and we’ll attempt to hit you up, however we’d very much want to have these discussions out in the open where everybody can profit by the appropriate responses. There’s nothing straightforward about a private email chain (and our inbox is consistently flooded).

Hopefully this has been useful and you have a superior feeling of what we’re doing in our little watch-fixated office in lower Manhattan. We come in each and every day contemplating how we can deal with make the HODINKEE experience better for you, from stories to the application to recordings to the shop. 

All of this is to say something pretty basic: HODINKEE was made in light of the fact that Ben truly adores watches. I went along with him since I truly love watches. Jack, Will, Cara, Arthur and the remainder of the group all joined in light of the fact that—you got it—they truly love watches. That is the reason HODINKEE began and that is the reason it will proceed to grow.


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