Longines HydroConquest & USA Edition Dive Watches Hands-On

Longines HydroConquest & USA Edition Dive Watches Hands-On

L ongines , who have as of late adjusted their famous Heritage Collection (to incorporate the brilliant Longines Legend Diver) with their more current Sport and Elegance ranges, disclosed a refreshed rendition of their decade-old HydroConquest at the current year’s Baselworld. Longines’ latest emphasis of their cutting edge sport jumper is accessible in various case sizes, colors, and furthermore as a programmed chronograph. Most conspicuously, the new Longines HydroConquest is outfitted with another for 2018 ceramic bezel embed, an element quick becoming a pillar in present day Swiss jumping watches. In this Hands-On, we’ll delve into the 41mm rendition of the new HydroConquest to check whether the new look and ceramic bezel add to Longines’ trustworthy design.

Hands-on pictures by Ariel Adams & Bilal Khan

While the HydroConquest has been refreshed previously, each time with unpretentious changes to the plan, size, dial text, shading, or tie and arm band set up, the HydroConquest is as a rule a 41mm, 300m water-safe hardened steel jumper with a conventional aluminum bezel embed and a sapphire precious stone. Despite the fact that since quite a while ago viewed as a strong alternative in the reasonable dress jumper space, the HydroConquest was expected for an update to keep the watch current in a flighty market. Offering the watch in new sizes widens the allure, with another 43mm form to suit those after a bigger wrist presence.

The simple reality that Longines have created the HydroConquest throughout the previous eleven years says something regarding public interest in the plan. With the watch business full to the edge with “vintage-enlivened” models, particularly jumper’s watches, the HydroConquest has stood apart as a piece which isn’t endeavoring to be something besides a jumper’s watch planned in and for the cutting edge watch time, no false vintage lume required or needed. As far as I might be concerned, that without help from anyone else is refreshing.

Other than the ceramic bezel – and we’ll arrive in second – the greatest change in the HydroConquest is the accessibility of new tones. Where the old model was accessible in dark or blue and with or without the consistently all through vogue gold accents, the new HydroConquest has a more unobtrusive methodology. A dim dial is currently accessible as an alternative just as two new US selective forms in PVD dark with a dim dial or a hardened steel, blue dialed model; both in 41mm.

Other than shading, the new Longines HydroConquest dial is a lot of equivalent to previously, with enormous lumed Arabic records at twelve, six, and nine, insignificant dial text, and a customary date window at three o’clock. Indeed, the solitary change I can discover is the evacuation of the little trapezoidal applied components, which recently sat right inside the lumed round hour markers. I’m happy they’re gone, as they didn’t do anything for me and caused the dial to seem somewhat jumbled. The hands are additionally precisely equivalent to far as should be obvious. Such little changes show Longines’ trust in the HydroConquest as it previously existed, and useful for Longines for adhering to their guns.

The US selective forms of the watch have a couple of more updates, with “USA” printed at the dial’s edge between the four and five o’clock markers, a lumed ’50’ on the ceramic bezel embed for the 50 states, and a special caseback. The US select models are a restricted delivery, with 1,000 all out being created, and furthermore incorporate new, shading coordinated elastic NATO lashes as an extra.

As the Rolex Submariner , Omega Planet Ocean , Bremont S500 and S2000, thus numerous other ebb and flow Swiss watches demonstrate, ceramic bezel embeds are quick becoming the highest quality level for “extravagant” jump watches. Ceramic as a bezel embed material adds profundity and visual interest, increments saw esteem, and really adds to the solidness and accordingly usefulness of a jumper’s passed time bezel. On the new HydroConquest, the ceramic bezel is controlled in plan and less occupied than the past aluminum embed. It has a very Rolex Submariner feel to it as far as format, and should make the generally sensibly valued HydroConquest a surprisingly better purchase for those on the fence.

For the maybe rare sorts of people who may really take the HydroConquest plunging, a ceramic addition implies a more solid jumping watch. Regardless of whether scratched – and scratching ceramic is significantly troublesome – the moment markings ought to stay intelligible, guaranteeing the jumper knows their passed time. That sumptuous look and feel given by ceramic, has settled on ceramic a close to universal decision on new jumpers in a specific cost range.

The case, arm band, crown, and different components on the HydroConquest are unaltered, which isn’t really something awful as the watch has since quite a while ago addressed a strong incentive in passage to-mid level Swiss jumpers. I’ve since quite a while ago appreciated the HydroConquest case. As opposed to repeating one of numerous exemplary jumper plans, the HydroConquest case is enormous and emphatically fabricated, highlighting huge rakish crown watchmen and high-at the cost level of wrapping up. The enormous, screw down crown is still here as well.

For the value, the hardened steel wristband and its double deployant catch have consistently been incredible, however I disagree with cleaned focus interfaces any place I experience them. Where the watch has lost me in the past is in the busier dial, jumbled bezel embed, and previously mentioned by and large “blingy” cleaned components. That is simply me. In spite of the fact that much is the equivalent, another elastic lash, presently shading coordinated to every one of the new dial tones, is a cool update and adds something for those needing more novelty.

Longines, some portion of the Swatch gathering, have as you would envision ordinarily outfitted the HydroConquest arrangement with an ETA-based development, regardless of whether quartz or programmed. This most up to date form of the HydroConquest comes controlled with the Longines Caliber L888.2, an ETA 2892.2 based programmed development wavering at an eyebrow raising 25,200 vhp – a considerable amount more slow than the 2892.2’s notable 28,800 vph. The purpose for the more slow rate is power hold, with the L888.2 brandishing an amazing 64-hour save in comparison to the base movement’s 42 hours of activity. An altered development, regardless of whether just in rate/hold, adds to the worth contention which is vital to the HydroConquest assortment, supporting the generally strong arrangement considering the ceramic bezel supplement and Swiss heritage.

Viewed together, the updates to the new Longines HydroConquest are, other than the ceramic addition, negligible. Longines previously preferred the vibes of their proven game jumper and have unmistakably proceed cautiously as far as refreshing the plan. The option of a ceramic bezel adds a great deal and surely packs more worth, and we foresee cost to be simply around $1,500. The restricted variants are, as you would expect, somewhat more costly at $1,800 for the spotless/blue dial design and $2,100 for the PVD/dark dial adaptation. For the individuals who effectively like the HydroConquest, the new watch is a reviving update that doesn’t wander excessively far from the first plan. In an ocean of vintage reissue pieces, the Longines HydroConquest is a plan of this century with a lot of current allure in a sensibly evaluated bundle. longines.com