Louis Vuitton Tambour All Black Petite Seconde Watch Hands-On

Louis Vuitton Tambour All Black Petite Seconde Watch Hands-On

“All black!” Each time I see or hear the expression, I envision Jean-Claude Biver noisily broadcasting it with wide eyes as his gripped clench hand hammers on the closest table, emotively. Despite the fact that Louis Vuitton isn’t constrained by Mr. Biver, the man is the Head of Watchmaking at LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy). Unmistakably, he has had some impact. The Louis Vuitton Tambour All Black Petite Second and Tambour All Black Chronographe are the first “all-black” hued Louis Vuitton watches. Jean-Claude Biver didn’t fundamentally create the idea of a watch that was all black in shading, yet he positively advocated it with the Hublot Big Bang All Black.

All pictures by Ariel Adams

Since at that point, practically all the brands at LVMH have all-black models, including Hublot, TAG Heuer, Zenith, Bulgari, and not Louis Vuitton. It just took them 15 years. Louis Vuitton as a genuine watchmaker started in 2002, and their absolute first case was the Tambour (“drum,” however I like to call it the “dog bowl”). I own one of the early Louis Vuitton Tambour Dive watches and I totally love it. Despite the fact that practically everything about the Tambour has changed since the main models came out, the case shape (however not generally the size) has ecstatically stayed in the Louis Vuitton watch collection.

This specific Tambour All Black Petite Seconde watch comes in a smaller Tambour case than I am utilized to, which is 41.5mm wide. Note that with a Tambour, they generally wear small for two reasons. First is on the grounds that the carries are generally thickset and not especially huge (however they are cool looking). Second is on the grounds that the case tightens and in this way the bezel is smaller than the base of the case. My 44mm wide Tambour doesn’t wear like a 44mm wide watch, and this 41.5mm wide Tambour surely feels “medium” in size. Not something terrible, but rather it is an interesting point in the event that you like wearing a 39-40mm wide watch normally and might want something that feels the same.

If you need a bigger case wearing experience, the Tambour All Black Chronographe comes in a 46mm wide case (that does to be sure feel much bigger). As far as I might be concerned, the ideal case size of a Tambour stays 44mm wide. The matte black completion of the All Black’s steel case is very much done, and applied utilizing a PVD application measure. The tie clasp is DLC-covered black, which is likely something worth being thankful for since it offers more wear-obstruction and clasps will in general get the majority of mileage on a timepiece.

The Tambour case is water-impervious to 100m and has a screw-down crown. Over the dial is a level AR-covered sapphire gem. A welcome new component to the Tambour case is Louis Vuitton’s protected speedy delivery framework for the tie. On the off chance that you are the sort of client who cherishes on-brand frill, at that point you will value the capacity to handily trade out your lash. The framework is exclusive, implying that you can just utilize other Louis Vuitton lashes (of the correct size). In any case, given that this is Louis Vuitton, you can rely on a determination of fun and in vogue (and costly) choices. I originally saw this new lash changing framework on the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Smartwatch (debut here) .

Louis Vuitton watches are among the better saved privileged insights for genuine watch darlings, since they make some really great, present day, and complicated stuff that combines plan and workmanship. All things considered, Louis Vuitton watches range from a couple thousand dollars to tens or even a huge number of dollars. So it is critical to situate each piece as needs be. The brand’s bread and butter for watch deals aren’t infrequent very good quality fans with cash to consume, but instead more youthful fashionistas who are attracted to the way of life and stylish of the Parisian brand.

Louis Vuitton is focusing on that crowd with the Tambour All Black Petite Seconde –implied as a humble men’s size or even women’s size watch with a macho all-black character. The dial summons the more contemporary plan tasteful of numerous Tambour watches that looks to be tense (with sharp lines) and intense (with that enormous Louis Vuitton “V” in the center). A more youthful me cherishes the appearance of the dial the most, yet the today me wishes the dial was slightly more intelligible. Why precisely did they need to skeletonize the hour and moment hands?

It isn’t as common as I’d can imagine to discover present day looking watches with auxiliary seconds dials more than 6 o’clock. It would have looked far better if the date pointer window was incorporated into the auxiliary seconds dial, so the whole dial was totally balanced. It isn’t a serious deal, however I do believe that if Louis Vuitton refined this dial idea a smidgen more, they would be on to a potential current plan classic.

Inside the Tambour All Black Petite Seconde is a base Swiss ETA development, an ETA 2895 programmed, I accept. It is a 4Hz high evaluation development with 42 hours of force save. The lash that comes with the watch is an appealing matte black alligator, and Louis Vuitton will sell you a collection of different ties in the event that you inquire. I wager a shiny yellow alligator tie with black sewing would be acceptable. Cost for the Louis Vuitton Tambour All Black Petite Seconde watch is $5,195 USD. louisvuitton.com