Man Buys Rolex Daytona For $543 in 1973, Takes It To Antiques Roadshow Where He's Told It's Worth $100,000, Though Actually Worth Even More (Oh, And It's Now For Sale)

This 6241 Daytona was buy new in 1973 and scarcely worn.

When he met the appraiser on Antiques Roadshow, he was told the Daytona, which – gracious, by the route turns out to be a strong gold Paul Newman Daytona; and goodness, by the manner in which it has the first box, papers, receipts, lash, and clasp – could without much of a stretch be valued at $100,000 and that it was a reference 6263. It is anything but a 6263, yet the watch positively could without much of a stretch be valued at $100,000, and indeed, a considerable amount more. You can watch the full clasp here .

The appraiser told the proprietor it very well may be worth “effectively $100,000.”

Well, subsequent to discovering the watch could be worth into six figures, the proprietor continued to offer the watch to an intermediary, who at that point gave the watch to the young men over at the Keystone, in California, more than a half year prior! Furthermore, since the scene of Antiques Roadshow where this gold Paul Newman is highlighted has broadcasted, they’ve chosen to at long last rundown the watch available to be purchased. Cost is, normally, on application, however thinking about the quality, provenance, and unique nature of the watch, we’re positive about saying it is worth north of $350,000.

Check it out here , and don’t hesitate to kick yourself (and your folks, and your grandparents) for not repurchasing one of these Daytonas then.

DID YOU KNOW? The retail cost of a 14k yellow-gold Daytona (reference 6265) in 1975 (two years after this watch was bought, however as close as we have firm documentation for) was indeed $1,950. Furthermore, this man paid $543. So in the event that you expect retail for this watch was partially under $1,950 on the grounds that it is a siphon pusher (non-Oyster) and sold without gold arm band, you can accept retail was around $1,200 or somewhere in the vicinity. You’ve found out about PN’s selling at markdown – here’s confirmation. In the event that anybody has firm estimating on a gold 6241 of every 1973, we’d love to think about it.

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