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Market Analysis On The Sometimes Spectacular, Sometimes Not Phillips Geneva Watch Auction Two

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Phillips’ Geneva Watch Auction Two

Lot 112 – F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain, platinum, 1999: 269,000 CHF

As far as I know, this is the lone “Souscription” Journe to at any point come up at sell off. As such there was no priority for where this watch, the ninth watch made by F.P. Journe since launching Montres Journe, would sell. The outcome was quite solid, however not that astonishing given exactly how significant this watch is, and how hot Journe is right now.

Lot 112 – F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain, Platinum, 1999

Lot 136 – BLANCPAIN “Milspec,” “U.S. Naval force,” 3217, antimagnetic compound, 1960: 125,000 CHF

When it comes to non-Rolex plunge watches, you’d be hard squeezed to think of something better than this. As the list states, “We comprehend that Blancpain was pitching for a bigger request with the U.S. Naval force, for which reason these watches were made. As Blancpain didn’t win this significant agreement, the ‘U.S. Naval force’ model never went past the model phase.” therefore, just three of these watches are known to exist. The watch was really won by Blancpain for their museum.

Lot 136 – Blancpain “Milspec,” “U.S. Naval force,” 3217, Antimagnetic composite, 1960

Phillips’ Geneva Watch Auction Two

Lot 162 – Rolex “La Caravelle,” 6102, 18k yellow gold, 1953: 1,235,000 CHF

Part 164 – Patek Philippe Worldtime “Star Dragon,” 605 HU, 18k yellow gold, 1944: 965,000 CHF

I would say that these two parts, while not astounding outcomes dependent on the pre-closeout gauges, serve to show the strength of cloisonné-dialed watches. The Rolex is a 32 mm distance across wristwatch and the Patek is a pocket watch. Both little watches and pocket watches are for the most part less attractive, yet both achieved huge costs as a result of the strength of cloisonné. It’s ideal to see uncommon watches, even with restricted allure, actually do very well.

Lot 162 – Rolex “La Caravelle,” 6102, 18k yellow gold, 1953

Lot 164 – Patek Philippe Worldtime “Star Dragon,” 605 HU, 18k yellow gold, 1944

Lot 169 – Patek Philippe 1436, treated steel, 1945: 3,301,000 CHF

A 1436 split chronograph in steel is an extremely uncommon thing. It’s accepted there are just two of them in presence. It is additionally entirely alluring thinking of it as combines a Patek gatherer’s adoration for steel watches with their affection for chronographs (and a brief moment chronograph no less). Accordingly we have this value, which places it in or close to the main dozen highest estimated wristwatches ever. This one was required to pull out all the stops, and it did.

Lot 169 – Patek Philippe 1436, Stainless steel, 1945

Lot 186 – Patek Philippe 2438/1, 18k yellow gold, 1954: Passed

This perpctual schedule watch has fascinating provenance (which matters to certain individuals) since it is engraved “Antenor Patiño Jr, Love Mother 1958.” Antenor Patiño Jr. was the child of Francesca Turner, a popular model and entertainer from Texas, and he was the grandson of Simon I. Patiño, a Bolivian industrialist who positioned as one of the world’s wealthiest men at the hour of his death. In spite of the provenance, the offering neglected to reach the hold cost (around 230k CHF), and thus this watch didn’t sell. The watch is decent, clean example, and if the dreary exhibition of its brother – the pink gold 2497 is any sign of a pattern – unending schedules from Patek are somewhat level right now.

Lot 186 – Patek Philippe 2438/1, 18k yellow gold, 1954

Lot 187 – Patek Philippe 533, 18k white gold, 1941/2006: Passed

The 533 was underway for almost 20 years, yet under 150 examples were made taking all things together metals combined, which makes it one of the most extraordinary Patek chronographs. This example is thought to be the just one in the world fitted with a white gold case. The inventory explains the circumstance with the case, “the current white gold case was explicitly made for the current watch in 2006, as the past white gold reference 533 case was discovered not to satisfy Patek Philippe’s guidelines. Correspondence and duplicates of the receipt accompany the watch.” This combination of an uncommon reference in a unique case should have been an impetus for serious interest, yet the watch neglected to meet its save (most likely around 200k CHF) and thus didn’t sell. The way that the watch was a re-cased presumably hurt the offering, which shows exactly how significant innovation is. A substitute clarification is that with two unsold parts consecutive, perhaps every enormous Patek gatherer chose to utilize the bathroom at the equivalent time?

Lot 187 – Patek Philippe 533, 18k white gold, 1941/2006

Universal Geneve at Phillips’ Geneva Watch Auction Two

Universal Geneve additionally did well indeed. Above all else, simply the way that Phillips remembered eight Universals for a tightly curated 203 parcel deal says something regarding the fame of the brand. Furthermore, six of the eight parcels sold for over 20k CHF, and two of those six sold for over 30k CHF. Presented above, part 203 which sold for CHF 27,500.

Universal Geneve at Phillips’ Geneva Watch Auction Two

Lot 214 – Patek Philippe Nautilus “Fortunate Thirteen,” 3710/1A, treated steel, 2004: 254,600 CHF

This is watch would be a complete ordinary reference 3710, with the exception of one distinction. The dial has the Roman numeral for 13 where the 8 should be. Clearly the first owner was an offbeat individual who felt that the number 13 was really fortunate, and thus requested this exceptional dial. This fantastic cost achieved for this watch is completely because of the dial. Make of this what you want, however the ordinary variant of this watches sells routinely at around one-tenth of this value, which implies for this watch the dial is the wellspring of 90% of the worth. Crazy.

Lot 214 – Patek Philippe Nautilus “Fortunate Thirteen,” 3710/1A, Stainless steel, 2004

Lot 222 – Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, “Paul Newman,” 6241, 18k yellow gold, 1968: CHF 569,000

This watch is the unrivaled known example of a Paul Newman Daytona Retailed By Hermes. To a Rolex authority, that would appear to hit a three significant catches – Paul Newman, Hermes, and most amazing aspect all unique. The watch reached 569,000 CHF which may appear to be an extraordinary cost, however that enthusiasm should be tempered by the way that it reached 495,750 CHF ($519,776) last time it was sold at Christie’s in May 2013. So just around a 10-15% increment in two-and-a-half years (contingent upon which cash you compute in), which doesn’t appear to be that incredible in the world of vintage Rolex these days. I think we all normal this one to go higher.

Lot 222 – Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, “Paul Newman,” 6241, 18k yellow gold, 1968

Lot 233 – Audemars Piguet for Cartier “Tortue,” platinum, 1929: 509,000 CHF

Cartier from HH Windsor owner of Popular Mechanics Magazine

This Cartier minute rehashing watch not just contains a development from Audemars Piguet , yet the watch was really made totally by AP. That makes it quite uncommon considering AP made uniquely around brief rehashing watches in this period. It likewise has provenance, which matters to certain individuals, since it was initially purchased by Henry Haven Windsor, Jr., the child of the author of Popular Mechanics magazine and an eager watch gatherer. This was a world-class watch in each respect, and honestly, it had the right to go higher than it did. The outcome was likely hurt by the way that AP itself was not offering, and apparently neither was uber AP authority Marcus Margulies. Or then again, we accept, Cartier for that matter.

Lot 233 – Audemars Piguet “Tortue,” Platinum, 1929

Lot 234 – Audemars Piguet 1533, treated steel and pink gold, 1941: 305,000 CHF

All vintage Audemars Piguet watches are uncommon. This delightful two-conditioned watch falls into the class of excessively uncommon, and you may recall seeing it in a specific scene of Talking Watches . From the inventory, “As indicated by the Audemars Piguet archives, just three hardened steel and gold chronograph wristwatches with the current case configuration were fabricated in 1941 and later sold in 1943, and the example offered here is the just one with such a rose-champagne shaded dial.” This watch saw a ton of interest, and wound up being purchased by AP for their museum.

Lot 234 – Audemars Piguet 1533, hardened steel and pink gold, 1941

Lot 252 – Patek Philippe 570, 18k yellow gold, 1941: CHF 281,000

Remember a while back when Ben plunked down with Alfredo Paramico for an amazing scene of Talking Watches ? One of the watches highlighted in that Talking Watches did madly well. The Patek Phillipe 570 (a “Calatravone”) in yellow gold sold for CHF 281,000. In the May Phillips deal, the rose gold example from this set brought 257,000 CHF . This outcome makes the pink-gold watch a bargain.

Lot 252 – Patek Philippe 570, 18k yellow gold, 1941

Lot 265 – Patek Philippe 565, treated steel, 1942: CHF 30,000

For a steel Patek in great condition and alright size (35 mm), 30k CHF simply appears to be somewhat of a frustrating outcome for this watch. The equivalent could be said for the dark dial 565 that just broke $100,000. 565s are inherently less attractive than other Calatravas, however both outcomes appear lackluster.

Lot 265 – Patek Philippe 565, tempered steel, 1942

Lot 269 – Patek Philippe Calatrava, 530, hardened steel, 1941: CHF 677,000

There are only a handful of Patek Philippe reference 530 in hardened steel in presence. It doesn’t get much cooler, more extraordinary or more important than this. You may recollect a comparative watch was taken from a FedEx bundle in 2014 , and that was an insane watch. Well the 530 is bigger and more extraordinary than that 570, so that’s why this one did what it did. At the Phillips Geneva closeout, this Patek 530 in perfect unrestored condition sold for CHF 677,000. Astounding watch, stunning result.

Lot 269 – Patek Philippe Calatrava, 530, treated steel, 1941

Lot 272 – Patek Philippe “Tasti Tondi,” 1463, treated steel, 1951: CHF 1,205,000

Not just is this very a record result for a steel 1463, yet it dramatically increased the past record. While this cost is certainly an erratic outcome, the consequence will presumably be somewhat of a knock in steel 1463 costs going ahead. Try not to hope to see another seven figure result any time soon, however you can be certain your neighborhood pusher just attached a few focuses to any 1463 he has lounging around. Keep in mind, sell off outcomes are on occasion the result of two crazed authorities playing a mogul’s rendition of jungle gym back-and-forth. This is most likely the case here.

Lot 272 – Patek Philippe “Tasti Tondi,”1463, tempered steel, 1951

Lot 290 – Rolex Submariner, 5513, tempered steel, 1972: CHF 365,000

In Live and Let Die, James Bond utilized his Rolex’s buzzsaw bezel to slice through ropes, and its hyper escalated magnetic field to avoid projectiles. While those great complications may just exist in film dream, the value this well known film watch acknowledged was genuine: CHF 365,000.

Lot 290 – Rolex Submariner, 5513, tempered steel, 1972

Lot 293 – Rolex Oyster Cosmograph “Paul Newman Panda,” 6263, stamped 6239 inside the case back, tempered steel, 1971: CHF 341,000

Oyster Daytonas have been ablaze recently. A 6263/6239 Mark 1 sold for 353,000 CHF back in the Phillips May 2015 deal. The present offer of the less alluring Mark III watch at 341,000 CHF both backings the prior cost and shows that things have just gone up since May.

Lot 293 – Rolex Oyster Cosmograph “Paul Newman Panda,” 6263, stamped 6239 inside the case back, treated steel, 1971

In synopsis, Phillips further established itself as the market chief in high end watches. However, there were a few watches that went below assumptions, some that basically sold at market esteem. Obviously purchasers are searching for incredible quality, and if extraordinary quality isn’t there, they won’t accepting, regardless of whether it comes from Phillips, Bacs and Russo. Though, an extraordinary watch can surely benefit from an additional knock whenever remembered for one of these sensational auctions.

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