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On The Block: Three MB&F Horological Machines At Sotheby’s Hong Kong

Parcel 2332 – MB&F HM3 Starcrusier

Lot 2332

This watch, the HM3 (or No. 3), is quite possibly the most unmistakable MB&F models. This piece comes in numerous varieties, yet this specific one is the Starcruiser made in titanium and white gold. It is programmed with a three dimensional development fitted into the frog-structure case. The complications of the HM3 Starcruiser are the date, day and night sign. Under 50 of these watches were made, and they come available to be purchased very sometimes; Christie’s had one out of 2012 , for example. The gauge on this watch is HKD 280,000 to 380,000 ($36,000 to $49,000).

Parcel 2333 – MB&F HM5

Lot 2333

The Zirconium Aerodynamic HM5, delivered in 2012, is essential for a restricted arrangement of 66 pieces. The Horological Machine Five continues in the strides of No. 4. The most ideal approach to portray this watch is that it is like a driving watch with the hour and minutes obvious from the side. HM5 is unmistakable by its wedge-formed case with air-vent braces on the highest point of the case that open. The open supports likewise uncover the time from above and furthermore permit light to channel in and re-charge the LumiNova numbers at the top of the hour and moment circles. The gauge on the HM5 is HKD 280,000 to 380,000.

Parcel 2335 – A Unique Yellow Gold MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt

Lot 2335

This watch is essential for the HM4 arrangement, however it isn’t only any arrangement 4, – it is a novel piece. For what reason is it interesting you inquire? Well it depends on the first plan of the HM4 Thunderbolt, delivered in 2010, yet made in yellow gold – the lone HM4 at any point made in this metal. The HM4, known for its spaceship-like shape dependent on works of art of WWII airplanes, includes a three-dimensional horological motor made of 311 sections and a flat twin origin barrel. The two dials are places in the more extensive finish of the cylindrical stream like pieces of the case. This interesting piece is assessed for an astounding HKD 1,000,000 to 1,500,000.